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Graduation Ceremony & Farewell Celebrations - 2020

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Graduation Ceremony & Farewell Celebrations - 2020

It is very difficult for a parent to send a daughter to the in-law's house; so is the feeling of Abhyasa when the children graduate and go out of the Campus. But at the same time, we feel proud of their achievements here and the confidence they had gained, which will accompany them into their future when they have to face the challenges of the outside world.

In a solemn graduation ceremony held on Saturday, the 14th of March, 43 twelfth graders were presented testimonials, which speak volumes about their accomplishments. The Chief Guest Shri Raj Kandukuri, the celebrity film personality, along with the Founder Director and CEO of Abhyasa Mr. Vinaayaka Kalleetla, distributed the mementos to the outgoing batch of students and administered the graduate pledge.

In his address, the Chief Guest Shri. Raj Kandukuri expressed his happiness over participating in the function. He was appreciative of the transformation the children had undergone over the years of stay in the school by saying that they "come crying and leave crying". He conveyed a wonderful message to the children to follow their own suggestions, to be independent, and to have a zeal and desire in order to be successful. Following his speech, Sri. Raj Kandukuri answered the questions of the students about his career and success willingly and readily, wherein he mentioned that movies with a strong female character were a greater success and so women should be made strong in a society. Shri. Raj Kandukuri also reiterated that the children have to stick onto Dharma and have strong convictions. Sir continued to attribute his success in 'Pelli Choopulu' film to the story written by Tharun Bhasckar. He further shared the fact that 'Tadagaatha Buddha,' which he produced only to fulfill his father's desire. Even though he was discouraged by people around, he still went ahead and won accolades. He said that it was a coincidence that he received his father's call to make a film on Buddha when he was actually inside a Buddha temple in Thailand. This information bears an inherent message that unexpected things can happen in life and people should take care not to ignore the wishes of their parents.

A few students and parents shared their experiences and thanked the school administration for the opportunities provided to them.

Prior to the close of the Graduation Ceremony, Founder Director and CEO of Abhyasa, Mr. Vinaayaka Kalleetla proposed an informal vote of thanks and felicitated the Chief Guest. Sir made a special mention of the spiritual services rendered by Sadguru Sri Kandukuri Sivananda Murthy, the late father of Shri. Raj Kandukuri and the lead role played by his son in Choosi Choodangaane. He wished the outgoing students all the best and expressed his wish to see the tenth graders back as they do get everything inside the campus which the outside world has to offer them and they have a lot more to achieve.

A sumptuous and delicious dinner followed the National Anthem.

This was followed by colourful cultural events presented by the junior students as part of farewell.