School Fee Regulations

Fee Structure

School Fee Regulations

Rules Governing Remittance of School Fee

  • Any student fees under any category- except caution deposit – once paid cannot be refunded to the parents/ student, under any circumstances, even if the student does not attend school for a single day.
  • The total annual fee payable in subsequent years is subject to annual revision.

The due dates for the two installments are as follows:

  • For Classes 5 to 8 - First Installment should be paid on 15th of March and Second installment should be paid on 1st of October. The last dates for the above said installments are April 10th and October 10th respectively.
  • For Class 9 - First Installment should be paid on 15th of March and Second Installment should be paid on 1st of October. The last dates for the above said installments are April 10th and October 10th respectively.
  • For Classes 10 and 12 - First Installment should be paid on 7th March and Second Installment should be paid on 1st of October. The last dates for the above said installments are March 15th and October 10th respectively.
  • Failure to pay either of the two installments before the last date attracts late payment fine. The late fee is levied @ Rs.50/- per day for a maximum period of 30 days - commencing from the very next day after the last date of a particular installment.
  • Even after the lapse of one month from the last date, if an installment of a student's school fee is still due, the admission of the student is terminated. When admission is terminated under such circumstances, the Parent forfeits the pocket money of the student.

1. Mode of Payment: All the payments should be made through HDFC pay Direct / Qfix. For any further clarifications, please contact the relations team @ 9100090333 / 9100093333. Cash payments will be accepted only for Prospectus /Application forms and Student Registration for Aptitude test.

2. Parents should ensure that an official 'Fee Receipt' is immediately obtained from the School for any payment made to Abhyasa (in-person either at Campus in Toopran or at Registered Office in Secunderabad). The School is not responsible for remittances made without obtaining an official receipt from the School. Hence parents are discouraged to send DDs by courier or post. The onus of obtaining a receipt rests solely on the person making payments to the School and Parents/guardians should preserve the receipts obtained from the School.

3. Anusandhaan: -the School's online intranet portal regularly updates all fees paid information in each student folder - so that parents are regularly appraised of all latest updates. In case of any discrepancy, the parents should immediately contact the Accounts Department headed by the School Registrar and should also furnish the fee receipt as and when demanded by the School Authorities in case of discrepancies.

4. Any student fees under any category - once paid to the School cannot be refunded to the parents/student under any circumstances - even if the student does not attend the School for a single day.

5. After the lapse of one month from the pay-by date, if an installment of a student's Annual School Fee is still unpaid to the School, then admission of the student will be automatically terminated - without giving any notice to the parent. When admission is terminated under such circumstances, the parent also forfeits the positive balance of the pocket money account of the student.

6. Student Pocket Money: All Students can obtain stationery, confectionery and toiletry items throughout the year - from the School Tuck Shop – against the "pocket money deposit" paid as part of Annual School Fee. Medicines for illnesses and Expenses on Field Trips, Sports Tournaments, Inter-School Cultural Events and Competitions held outside the School campus – will also be debited to the student pocket money account. All expenditure on Transport, Annual School Magazine, Newsletters and Calendar of Events issued to the parents during the academic year and a one-time expenditure on costumes for major cultural events and refreshments served for students during special programmes outside the campus would also be charged to the student pocket money. The parents should ensure that their child effectively utilises the Pocket Money – paid each year by the parent - as the unused positive balance in the account would not be refunded to the student/ parent at the time of leaving the School.

7. Parents should periodically check the student pocket money account updates on Anusandhan. Any expenditure that exceeds the stipulated pocket money deposits during an academic year (as mentioned in the School Annual Fee Structure for an academic year) must be reimbursed by the parents to the School at the end of every term. Regular updates of expenditure will be visible to the parent in the 'Anusandhan Portal'

8. The total Annual School Fee is subject to a yearly review and an annual increase between 10% - 20%.

9. Remittances of Second Installment of School Fee:

  • Parents who fail to remit the Second Installment of Annual School Fee even after the grace period (15th October of every year) should note that their child/ward will not be allowed on the School campus after the first term vacation. Parents should ensure that students should not be sent to the campus unaccompanied, after vacation.
  • The School will not accept any part payment of any installment – whatever be the reason.
  • Any excess pocket money due to the School after a term should be paid immediately along with the 2nd installment of Annual School Fee.

10. Abhyasa runs a Free School - 'Aalingana' on the campus for the under privileged children as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. Parents who are seeking admission for their child / ward into Abhyasa should understand and appreciate that the expenses of this project are cross subsidized from the Annual School Fee paid to the School. The Free School is not treated as a separate Cost Center and parents should also understand that Abhyasa cannot furnish any details of expenditure on the free School to the parents on demand. All parents therefore involuntarily contribute to the free school as part of the Annual fees paid to Abhyasa and they have No choice over the same.

11. Short Messages from School – The School regularly sends messages and reminders to all parents. Parents are therefore advised to:

  • Regularly check their mobile phone in-box for SMSs from School. In case you do not receive any message from School for more than a week, immediately lodge a complaint directly with the School Registrar or with the Executive Secretary to the Director through the 'Anusandhaan' Web-portal. Parent should mention the phone number - on the last page of the student registration form - to which all important information and notices from the School should be reaching.
  • Parents should not subscribe to DND services that block bulk messages sent from the School.
  • Note that in view of the above instructions, the School would not entertain parents claiming that they have not received messages or fee reminders from the School.

12. Definition of Parents who come under N.R.I. fee structure:

  • If a child's father or mother is working outside India during the time of admission or even subsequently is on a transfer outside India during the currency of an academic year, such a parent is categorized as an N.R.I parent and he /she is liable to pay the N.R.I. fee towards the Annual School fee of his/her child/ward studying at Abhyasa.
  • Only the parent, who has been sent on a temporary professional purpose by their employer for just a month will be considered to be exempted from paying the N.R.I.fee under such circumstances, the parent need to submit the relevant documents related to nature of temporary assignment abroad and the copies of visa stamping to the School authorities to gain exemption from payment of N.R.I fee.
  • In case, a Guardian is responsible for the payment of child/ward's School fee and the guardian / spouse of guardian is working outside India, such a person would also be categorized as an N.R.I and will have to pay the N.R.I. fee to the School.
  • All Parents of N.R.I Students should note that the NRI fee may not include any other special benefits or privileges to the student on the Abhyasa campus.