All Round Personality Development

"The winners of the 21st Century, will be those who can transform themselves into a wheel - which is lean, mean, highly maneuverable and can drive on any terrain, with any vehicle and in any climate" said Peter Drucker the Father of Business Management. Abhyasa’s curriculum revolves around this concept!

If an individual's personality is visualized as a wheel – at its core is the pivot with the strength of confidence and stability of character. The large outer rim in the exterior is an expression of the person's creative potential. Knowledge, skills and aptitudes constitute the numerous spokes, which connect the core with the rim.

The outer rim moves a wheel ahead, while the pivot is stable to balance it! Creativity, technology, lifestyles change with time, but character (values) are timeless. The rim and spokes add visible beauty to the wheel, as talents and skills to a personality. However beautiful the wheel (personality) may be, without the strength of the pivot (character) it would just crumble to pieces!

Abhyasa sites are therefore taught not only the secrets of achieving success, but also the ethics of managing success. ABC's here are taught as: Always Be Careful and Always Be Cheerful – which is a simplified summary of all values necessary for life. A Holistic Education integrates a child’s thoughts, words and deeds at its core before developing all-round skills in it.

A unique child-centered curriculum offers a wide range of activities that discovers an individual’s talents and moulds a genius out of every child! Abhyasa is a melting pot of Science and Spirituality, Commerce and Commonsense, Creativity and Conformity, Learning and Unlearning too….that prepares an individual not only for a living but also for life!

Abhyasa is sensitive to the demands of childhood. If a child lives with recognition, it learns to have a goal and if it lives with encouragement, the child grows up to be a confident person. We do not measure Intelligence Quotient (IQ) numerically but value it individually by a child’s ability - be it Linguistic or Naturalistic or Kinesthetic (physical) or Artistic and so on…