Tours and Adventure Camps


Tours and Adventure Camps

Nature Walks:

Nature walks and treks to the woods or Hillocks organized round – the year – to enable children enjoy the nature and the weekends. Rock climbing imbues courage and determination. Campfires and film shows on weekends create bonhomie. An entourage from the school also treks the Himalayas every year.

Picnics for Students and Parents:

Monthly Picnics for students are a common feature at Abhyasa. Students are taken by walk on a Sunday afternoon to a nearby spot with lakes, trees and boulders, where children shriek, try all sorts of monkey tricks on the trees and boulders under the close monitoring of their P.T. Masters. The Parents Picnic is an Annual activity where the Parents are entertained with Fun games, Treasure Hunt, delicious food etc. This is clubbed with the Commerce Activity by all the Commerce students of Abhyasa.

Field Trips for Research and Projects:

At Abhyasa, young learners are always encouraged to go beyond textbooks, the walls of classroom and the thralls of school boundary. To bring the clarity in concepts of science and commerce, to gain the hands-on experience and to feel the thrills of learning through multi-sensory organs, Abhyasa zeroes in on project-based methods of learning and provides abundant opportunities for fieldtrips to subject-related spots. Of late, our students have visited various industrial units, places of environmental importance, and schools for special children, historical monuments and museums to take their learning deep into their sub-conscious. Coming back home, children get enough support from teachers to go deeper into the details and research with a spirit of inquisitives.

Global Young Leaders Conference at the United States:

The Congressional Youth Leadership Council selects youngsters from all over the world to help them to acquire Leadership skills. This takes place generally in the months of July and August at Washington D.C. and New York where the students of Abhyasa participate along with representatives from the other countries, in stimulation programmes exposing them to Discussion, Deliberation, Negotiation and Decision Making. They also visit the United Nations General Assembly where they get an opportunity to pass a resolution.

Trekking Camps on the Himalayas:

The Himalayan Trekking camps test the stamina and endurance power of a child. The Abhyasa students participate in these treks during the month of May spending their time away from summer heat and also enjoying the beauty of the Himalayas. Apart from adventure, children also learn to take care of the environment in these treks.

Educational Tours Abroad:

Abhyasa conducts Educational Tours abroad where the students are exposed to different cultures abroad apart from interacting with people and visiting places in those countries.

A few students of Abhyasa have already visited places such as Paris, Germany, Austria and Italy.