Networking with other Schools


Networking with other Schools

Abhyasa is a proud member of All-India as well as Andhra Pradesh Regional ICSE Schools Association. The school shares resources with other schools of the association and participates in all events conducted by it.

She is also a Center for British Teachers (CfBT) and Education Initiative. In the ASSET Test conducted by Education Initiative, Abhyasites secured higher ranks at national level and regional level as well.

Leaning is a collaborative process and children achieve the Zone of Proximal Development when they learn through group works. The truth holds good for a school also, she being a living organization. Abhyasa, guiding her children in the trail of newer experiences, exerts herself in building healthy relationships with other schools of the twin-cities. The school hosts interschool literary and science fests and eagerly participates in many interschool events hosted by various social organizations.

She shares question papers and teacher resources as an educational exchange. The synergy created by this knowledge-transaction helps her own children to identify their own talents as well as other co-learners.