Class VII


Academic Curriculum

Class VIII

Solving their problems through creative thinking:

Psychological studies reveal that: Individuals remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they see, 40% of what they talk or discuss and 90% of what they 'do'!

During the second stage, stress is laid on 'doing'. The hand is trained to be skillful and the eye is schooled to observe relationships and measurements. The earlier play-way method paves way for an experiential approach, where the child actually encounters the concepts or phenomena and acquires abilities to work with materials and specimens. Learning becomes meaningful through group discussions and 'theatre' in classroom. Students undertake 'live observations' and undergo a 'hands-on-experience' through ploughing, sowing, harvesting in their natural environs and develop abilities that stem out of such activities.

The school has full-fledged laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology subjects – where students experiment right from class 6. Teachers follow the students' interests, inspire originality, accept their ideas and are always available to help them learn from their mistakes.

The inter relationships between actions and objects provide a conceptual comprehension, followed by recall, reflection and imagination which strengthen the child's memory. The encounters with natural phenomena leave a lasting impression and as students pass out of middle school, they gain abilities of skillful observation, intelligent comprehension, active recollection and creative imagination.

Class Credits


  • Due importance is given to the acquisition of 'logistic skills'' and 'numerical abilities'. Hence special attention is given to the practice of Mathematics every day.
  • Credits for each subject also correspond with the number of learning hours per week.
  • SUPW: Socially Useful Productive Work.
  • For more details on teaching methodology, please refer to the " School profile " accompanying the brochure.
  • SA – Spiritual Awareness.
  • NIE – Newspaper in education.