Rules Governing Withdrawal


Rules Governing Withdrawal

Withdrawal of admission by the school

  • The head of the institution reserves the absolute right at his discretion, to issue Transfer Certificate to any pupil, if:
    • He is not satisfied with the general conduct of the student, on the campus (or)
    • The student is absent from the school campus without sanction of leave, for more than a week, during the session/term. (or)
    • The student is found to practice unfair means in tests and exams.
  • If the parents/ guardians fail to pay the subsequent installments of the school fee on time, their child/ ward is liable to be withdrawn from school, after giving due notice to the parent/ guardian regarding the same. Under such circumstances the caution deposit will be forfeited and Transfer Certificate will not be issued till the dues are cleared.
  • If it is discovered at the later date that any of the information furnished by the parent/ guardian in the application form (including Medical History sheet) is false, the Principal has the right to cancel the admission.
  • If it is found that the student does not put in the minimum efforts to score the qualifying marks for promotion, in spite of the best efforts of his/her teachers, the Principal may terminate the admission of such students, after issuing a warning.
  • In matter of admission and issue of "Transfer Certificate" the decision of the Principal is final and binding on the parents/guardians of the student concerned.

Withdrawal of child by parent / guardian

  • Parent/ Guardians intending to withdraw their child / ward from the school should apply for a Transfer Certificate (T.C.)
  • The application for Transfer Certificate should be made in writing by the Parent or the authorized guardian of the pupil, along with a fee of Rs. 100/-
  • Transfer Certificate will be issued to those students whose fees and dues have been fully paid for the academic year in which the T.C. is sought.
  • Application for Transfer Certificate should be made only in the month of February or March. Applications for T.C. will not be accepted after March 31st or the last working day of academic year.
  • Parents who apply for a Transfer Certificate after the above-specified date are liable to pay a terms fee for the succeeding academic year.
  • If a Transfer Certificate is sought during the currency of an academic year, the Certificate will be issued only when the regular school fees for the full year is duly paid.
  • Transfer Certificate will not be issued to students withdrawn after completion of class IX.

Refund of Caution Deposit

  • Caution deposit will be refunded to parents/guardian when the student leaves the school:
    • On completion of his studies at school (or)
    • At the end of any academic year, if the parents/ guardians of the child wish to withdraw the child from school (or)
    • Upon being expelled from school on disciplinary grounds.
  • Caution deposit will be refunded to the parent/ guardian only at the end of an academic/accounting year i.e., after March 31st Caution deposit will not be refundable during the currency of an academic year, except in the month of April.
  • Parents who withdraw a student after class IX will forfeit their caution deposit unless the school has a new admission as a replacement for the outgoing student in class X of the succeeding academic year.
  • If the parents fail to collect the caution deposit money within one year of the pupil's withdrawal from the school, the amount will be forfeited.
  • Caution Deposit is refunded through cheques issued in favour of parent/first guardian of the student – Refunds are made on written requisitions by the parent/guardian – who need to personally collect the cheque and acknowledge receipt of the same. The school does refund caution money through D.Ds only, but not through cash/mail transfers.