Registrations for Admission: Class V to IX


Registrations for Admission:
Class V to IX

Step I

Obtain application form and prospectus from the campus office or city office.

Step II

Register your child / ward for Aptitude test – cum interview, by submitting the filled-in application form and other documents (mentioned in the application form). The application form may be submitted by hand at the city office or the campus office or mailed to either of the offices by registered post – along with registration fee of Rs.1000.00

Step III

After registration, the school office will provide you with a syllabus for the Aptitude test along with details of test date and test procedures. If you do not receive such information (letter) and syllabus within ten days of registration (submission of application you should contact the city office>(Phone: 040-27822600) or the campus office (Phones 08454-235718 or 235966 or 235977 immediately).

Step IV

The school will conduct tests for entry to various classes, depending on the vacancies. The first round of tests will be conducted in the month of February, the second round in the month of April and final round (only if vacancies still exist) in the month of June. The Aptitude test will have an Oral component and Written component. Both the parents are required to accompany the child, a written letter of consent – declaring the parent's interest and willingness to admit his/her child to Abhyasa, after familiarizing with the system and philosophy of education of Abhyasa – should be produced at the time of interview.

Step V

Once the candidate qualifies in the admission test, the parents will be given a letter of admission on the same day. The parent/guardian is required to pay the necessary admission fee, caution deposit and first installment of school fee within one week on receipt of the admission letter. The note books and textbooks will be issued to the candidate at the school tuck shop on remittance of the first installment of school fee. The parents are also required to submit the original transfer certificate issued by the candidate's previous school. Please note that admission formalities are complete only after submitting the transfer certificate.

Step VI

After completing the admission formalities, the candidate should report at the school campus on the date of re-opening – mentioned in the admission letter. The parents should submit a medical history sheet of the child, which should be duly certified by a registered medical practitioner. The candidate should bring all the list of articles mentioned in the prospectus / admission letter, along with him/her, at the time of joining the school. The articles brought will be enlisted in the dormitory register by the concerned house master / matron. The school will then issue and admission card to the parents / guardians of the candidate. This card should be furnished to the school security during parent visits. All admission formalities are complete with the issue of admission card.