Vision and Mission of Abhyasa

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Vision and Mission of Abhyasa

Abhyasa Vision Statement

Imbuing Confidence, Creativity,
Character for a Competent India !

Abhyasa envision to develop the Core Human Competencies of Confidence, Creativity and Character among her students by making them relate to the Universal Collective Consciousness, so that we work together to create a Harmonious Global Community for materializing the eternal vision of Bharat. i.e

"Lokaah Samasthaah SukhinoBhavanthu….”
"May all the Worlds be Happy at all times"

– This is verily the vision of Abhyasa school !

Abhyasa Mission Statement

To establish a one-of-its-kind Public School based on Indian Culture and Gurukul Ethos, for Girls and Boys from all over the world, - to realize their physical - intellectual, social, psychic, spiritual potential - for their balanced all-round development.

To provide a healthy environment with a globally up-to-the minute curriculum, through state - of - the - art technology.

To equip students with knowledge and skills in various fields, to develop their intellect, creativity, balance their emotions with human values and a holistic vision of life.

To enable children to co-exist consciously with Society and Nature, adapt harmoniously to changes and challenges in life, so that they succeed professionally and are empowered for collective leadership. As world citizens, they would uplift others - physically and metaphysically.

"Abhyasa Matruka" - Abhyasa Alma Mater