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Abhyasa Curriculum Objectives

Abhyasa aims to develop all the faculties of the child to mould him into a Complete Human Being. This involves physical fitness, mental alertness, intellectual capabilities, emotional balance, aesthetic fulfillment, social responsibility and spiritual awareness. During their long years of stay at Abhyasa, each of the above faculties will be strengthened by constantly providing the necessary inputs in the form of practical lessons in the respective field of study. All the faculties covered in the curriculum are broadly classified under 5 curriculum objectives of Abhyasa, namely:

Physical Fitness
Intellectual Capability
Artistic Skills
Social Responsibility
Spiritual Awareness

"The winners of the 21st century, will be those who can transform themselves into a wheel – which is lean, mean, highlymanoeuverable and can drive on any terrain, with any vehicle and in any climate” said Peter Drucker, the Father of Business Management. Abhyasa’s curriculum revolves around this concept!

If an individual’s personality is visualized as wheel – at its core is the pivot with the strength and stability of character. The large outer rim in the exterior is an expression of the person’s creative potential. Knowledge, skills and aptitudes constitute the numerous spokes which connect the core with the rim. The outer rim revolves as the wheel moves ahead, while the pivot is stable to balance it! Similarly creativity, technology, lifestyles change with time: but values (character) do not change with time! …but however beautiful the wheel (personality) may be, without the strength of the pivot (character) it would just crumble to pieces

Abhyasites are therefore taught not only the Secrets of Achieving Success, but also the Ethics of Managing Success. ABC’s here are taught as: Always Be Careful and Always Be Cheerful – which is a simplified summary of all values necessary for life. A unique child-centered curriculum offers a wide range of activities that discovers an individual’s talents and moods a genius out of every child! Abhyasa is a melting pot of Science and Spirituality, …that prepares an individual not only for a Living but also for Life!

If a child lives with recognition, it learns to have a goal. If a child lives with encouragement, it grows up to be a confident person. Abhyasa therefore does not measure Intelligence Quotient (IQ)with numerical and linguistic abilities, but appreciates whatever ability the child possesses – be it Linguistic or Naturalistic of Kinesthetic (physical) or Artistic…

Physical Fitness

Abhyasa aims to enhance the Physical Quotient of the students by making them physically fit, strong, healthy and dexterous, while preparing them for growth and survival in a competitive world. We strive to make them agile and efficient with hard work and effective methods for the achievement of their life’s objectives. A high physical quotient ensures a strong, perseverant and alert mind – so that the basic mental abilities of cognition, concentration, comprehension, recollection, reflection and reflex actions are fine-tuned to further aid higher intellectual processes in the child, The following activities are taken up to develop the Physical Quotient of a student:

Games and Sports

  • Swimming
  • Athletics, Throws and Jumps
  • Cricket
  • Foot Ball
  • Basket Ball
  • Tennis
  • Shuttle Badminton
  • Ball Badminton
  • Volley Ball
  • Kho-Kho
  • Chess
  • Tennicoit
  • Caroms
  • Kabbadi
  • Table Tennis
  • Inter-school Competitions
  • Annual Sports Festival
  • Fun Games for Kids

Physical Training and Adventure

  • Pranayama
  • Yoga
  • Cross Country Runs
  • Skipping
  • Martial Arts
  • Nature Walks
  • March Past
  • Jogging
  • Fitness Exercises
  • Gymnastics
  • Trekking
  • Rappelling
  • Mountaineering
  • Picnics
  • Kite Flying
  • Traditional Indian Games
  • Weekly Student Club Activities
  • Treasure Hunt Activit
  • Endurance Tests

Intellectual Capability

Critical thinking and Creativity are the keys to Success in any profession. The ability to analyze, think laterally or look at thing differently is what makes a person special in the competitive world. Varied applied activities are given to the students to enhance their intellectual capabilities. The academic curriculum at Abhyasa is designed to:

  • Train students to enquire into the nature of existence
  • Guide them to analyze the how and why of occurrences
  • Collect facts and information and Analyze them
  • Correlate-Synthesize various branches of knowledge
  • Acquire skills of Integration and judgment
  • Application of skills and values to real-life situations
  • Filter before a judgment and weigh the possible outcomes
  • Motivate children to critically question existing beliefs
  • Identify new problems that need creative solutions
  • Develop intuitive insights into unfathomable phenomena.
  • Constantly innovate for beneficial application to life
  • Enable students to effectively communicate what they think

Intellectual Exercises

  • Quiz
  • Live observations
  • Memorization
  • Reading and Recitation Skills
  • Seminars
  • Current Affairs
  • Group Discussions
  • Multimedia Learning
  • Debates
  • Vive-Voce
  • Computer-Aided Classes
  • Projects and Surveys
  • Aptitude and Achievement Tests
  • Workshops
  • Institutional Visits
  • Field Trips
  • Newspaper in Education
  • Case Studies

Creative and Communication Skills

  • Dramatization and Theater in Classroom
  • Interaction with subject Experts from Industries
  • Abacus and Mental Math Training
  • Spelling Bee and Word-building Games
  • Hands – on Practical sessions in Laboratories
  • Pronunciation Skills
  • Annual Language & Science Fests
  • Literary Appreciation and Expression through Poetry, Prose etc.
  • Creation of Working Models and Scientific Exhibits
  • Elocution and Public Speaking
  • Mock Parliament

Artistic Skills

  • To Make students aesthetically alive by induction into various art forms and activities
  • To facilitate students to experience the beauty of colors
  • To enjoy the melody in sounds
  • Feel the ecstasy of music
  • To wonder at the rhythm and symmetry of shapes
  • Develop graceful expression through dance
  • Emote through drama
  • Express their abstract feelings through painting
  • Experience the rich and vibrant Indian culture in all its facets through festivals, food, attire and art forms
  • Internalize a culture that reflects their identity and respects their self-esteem and binds them with their fellow men and women in a diverse pluralistic society not only in India, but in the global context too!

At Abhyasa the following activities are taken up to develop the Artistic Quotient of a student:

Integrating Hands, Head and Heart

  • Painting
  • Puppetry
  • Pottery
  • Clay Modeling
  • Rangoli
  • Dramatics
  • Classical Dance
  • Craft
  • Vocal and instrumental Music
  • Poetry
  • Weekly Wall Magazines
  • Photography
  • Mehendi Designing
  • Workshops
  • School Band
  • Campus Aesthetics

Cultural Activities

  • Academic Festival
  • Guru Poornima
  • Raksha Bandhan
  • Krishna Janmashtami
  • Teacher’s Day
  • Founder’s Day
  • Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Id-ul-Fitr
  • Sports Festival
  • Children’s Day
  • Sarath Saurabh
  • Christmas
  • New Year Celebrations
  • School Cultural-Nite
  • Sankranthi
  • Shivarathri
  • Holi
  • Arts and Crafts Festival

Social Responsibility

  • To imbue Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem among students
  • To inculcate apt etiquette to handle any situation
  • To inculcate essential life skills and human values
  • To make students behaviorally refined and morally forthright
  • To inculcate inter-personal skills that foster mutual trust
  • Respect for authority, loyalty towards family and friends
  • A sense of responsibility towards society & environment
  • To teach students to appreciate diversity in cultures and religions and adapt to a harmonious collective living
  • Imbibe self-discipline, punctuality and orderliness
  • Induct practical thinking, general awareness and managerial abilities
  • Training in leadership skills for a successful career path
  • Imbue self-reliance, perseverance and industriousness

At Abhyasa the following are taken up to develop Social Responsibility among students:

Inter-Personal Skills

  • Self-Reliance Programmes
  • Career Guidance
  • Dramatics
  • Out-Station Excursions
  • Camp Fire Interactions
  • Assembly Talks
  • Team –Building Games such as Dumb Charades, Fish Bowl etc.
  • Mock Interviews
  • Mock Parliament
  • School Department’s Management
  • Student Club Activities
  • Inter-school Festival & Competitions
  • Social Surveys
  • Interaction with Eminent Personalities
  • Picnics & Excursions
  • Student Buddy System

Social Service Activities

  • Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW)
  • Campus Maintenance
  • Rural Medical Camps
  • Youth Leadership Training
  • Life Skills Training
  • Adult Education
  • National Green Corps-Environment Programme
  • Rural Woman small savings Programme
  • Visits to Old-age Homes
  • AIDS Awareness Campaign
  • Eradication of Child Labor in the neighborhood
  • English speaking skills in the local community
  • Empowering local woman for self employment
  • Value classes for underprivileged children
  • Sharing food on festivals

Spiritual Awareness

  • Problems of short attention span and daydreaming have emotional roots. All-round development cannot take place without emotional balance. Abhyasa School ensures that every child enjoys its childhood by addressing emotions with the help of trained counselors.
  • Abhyasa constantly guides students in conflicting situations to choose the appropriate reactions such as-empathy vs. endurance; poise vs. humor; rationale vs. Devotion; criticism vs. Appreciation; dignity vs. humility; outrage vs. patience; wonder vs. insight; courage vs. compassion; valor vs. composure; determination vs. detachment so on…
  • The Curriculum inducts students into the process of self-enquiry through introspection, discussion and meditation.
  • To understand the basic spiritual truths of existence: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?
  • Experience the ecstasy of Being One with the Universe
  • Develop equanimity to accept all outcomes in life
  • To serve everyone with empathy and love!
  • To strengthen the emotional quotient of students
  • To endow them with wisdom of discrimination, intuition of right action and values that harmonize intentions, words and actions.

At Abhyasa the following activities are taken up to develop the Spiritual and Emotional quotients of students:

Inculcation of Human Values

  • Human Enrichment Programme
  • Personalized Emotional Counseling
  • Sensitize Neighborhood Community to social Evils
  • Caring and Sharing Through Social Service Activities
  • Skits on Human Values and spiritual Enrichment
  • Develop equanimity to accept all outcomes in life
  • Skits on Human Values and spiritual Enrichment
  • Promotion of Fraternity through Celebrating Festivals of all Religions with the local Communities
  • Community Singing of Devotional Songs on Festivals
  • Daily Evening Prayers and Bhajan Singing
  • Moral Values Classes and Role Plays

Spiritual Enrichment

  • Assembly Talks on Spiritual and Moral Topics
  • Thought for the day – Inspirational Quotes
  • Circles of Confidence – Discussion on Ethical, Moral, Social Emotional and Spiritual Issues
  • Pranayama and Yoga for Emotional well-being
  • Vedic Chanting or Quran Recitation
  • Spiritual Talks by Learned Personalities
  • Classes on Indian Culture and Philosophy
  • Celebration of Festivals of all Religions with Significance
  • Temple and Meditation hall on campus for Tranquility