Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility

‘Love All… Serve All’… is the dictum of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba… Following hid footsteps, Abhyasa has taken up a rural service programme, in the name of ‘Arpan’ – which aims to sensitize the students to the economic and social realities of Indians and share their resources with the less privileged and disadvantaged. Arpan inculcates social responsibility, empathy and service-mindedness among the students. The students have adopted the 300-household Harijanwada at Toopran village and aims to develop this hamlet into a model village by the year 2020. Regular health checkup camps, sharing of educational technologies, de-addiction counseling programmes are conducted by the students at the village.

Since its inception, Abhyasa has been conducting Annual Medical Camps for the poor, in which the doctor parents of the school and other like-minded professionals participate to diagnose illnesses, provide necessary treatment and administer Free medicines to the poor and needy of the surrounding villages of Toopran. Occasionally Free Cataract Eye Operation camps, Blood Donation Camps are also conducted in collaboration with Lions Club of Hyderabad.

During weekends, Abhyasites share their Academic knowledge and skills with the local community children through value orientation classes in which value based education is offered through activities like Story Telling, Group Singing, developing the latter’s spoken English skills. Students also motivate the school dropouts in the village to go back to schools and considerable time is spent with the adults in making them literate. The women folk are trained to make stuffed toys, handicrafts and other utilities during their free time, as a means of alternative livelihood. Women folk are also trained to form Spend-Thrift groups to encourage small savings and entrepreneurship.

Abhyasa students distribute food to the needy of the village on festive occasions. Narayan Seva (Service to God) is the dictum that guides students to share their joy with the underprivileged on all festivals. They also undertake distribution of clothes on such occasions.

Workshops to develop the employability and other soft skills of the village youth are conducted every year on the school premises-where in the qualified local youth are invited to improve their employability skills. Workshops are conducted by professional Corporate Trainers in the local language so the youth take the best of learning into their lives. The trainees also receive participation and proficiency certificates at the end of the two day course that provides a competitive edge to the recipients, while attending job interviews.

The un-employed youth in the village of Toopran get an opportunity to develop Computing skills through this programme, where Abhyasa student along with an external faculty, teach Computer basics and programming to youngsters who are High school drop outs.

The Students of Rural Service Management go on a door-to-door campaign in the Harijanwada, talking to people about the ill-effects of different addictions such as smoking, chewing tobacco etc. Some films are also shown also organized by students for the village folk.

Goodwill Games for Toopran Youth

The school conducts a three day Annual Youth Sports Festival to motivate the local youth from the neighborhood and develop their sportsmanship. Information is sent to all the teams in advance and around 800 youth from 20 neighboring villages participate. Athletic competitions such as 100 mrts., 400 mtrs., 800 mtrs. Runs and Field events such as shot put, javelin etc. And Games like Volleyball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho are conducted for the participants, who are also provided with lunch and snacks. To encourage the participation on the youth, Prizes, medals and certificates are awarded. Eminent personalities are invited as Chief Guests to grace the programme.

On the ‘World Elders Day’, in the month of September every year, a group of Abhyasasites eagerly reach out to some senior citizens at an old age home, situated 25kms the campus. Students spend a whole day with the inmates playing fun games, entertaining them with cultural programmes and also listening to stories told by Grannies and Grandpas. Students also carry food & clothes and share them with the elders and feel fulfilled by seeing their smiles!