Close to Nature - Retreat of local History

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Close to Nature - Retreat of local History

Students of Grade VI A & B visited the Archaeological Museum located at Kondapur village, Sangareddy Dist. The museum, perched on a small hillock houses rare antiquities savouring Medak's history. It comprised a central hall (which was being renovated) and two galleries which were adorned with artifacts, metal objects, pendants, talismans, beads, inscribed pottery and coins.

Overall, the museum had all the treasures of the past which illuminated the students about the culture that had defined the course of our county's evolution.

Then, we visited Vipassana Meditation Center which was close by to the Archaeological Museum.

All the students participated in a small meditation exercise called 'Anapana.' This would help the students to concentrate on work and improve their memory. Some techniques related to balancing of mind were also explained.

Then all of us moved towards Manjira WildLife Sanctuary where we were welcomed by a muster of Peacocks. Students spent time in the lush green environment observing various types of Flora and Fauna. They were excited watching different species of birds and crocodiles.

Then we visited Vaikuntapuram Temple, Sangareddy. Everyone freshened up, went inside and took darshan of lord Venkateswara.

At the end we visited Raghavendra Modern Rice Mill, the students got to know about how Rice is processed from paddy.

Overall everyone had a wonderful and memorable day.