Procedure to follow on Reporting Day


Procedure to follow on Reporting Day

Procedure to be followed on Re-opening Day of the School - For new students.

Procured the Transfer Certificate from previous School and also made ready the list of Articles and Clothes (mentioned in the School Handbook & Website) Please note that the Student's Admission number is stitched on all civil clothes, undergarments and night dress to ensure that your Child's clothes are not lost in the School Laundry – Admission number should also be marked with a water-proof marker on all Articles brought by the Student.

You are required to reach the campus as mentioned in the admission letter and complete the following procedures while admitting your child to Abhyasa. The sequence is as follows:

Counter No.1

  • Submission of Transfer Certificate issued by the previous school, Medical History Sheet of the student (Counter Signed by your Family Doctor/Medical Officer) and any other pending Documents not submitted to the School, at the time of Dates of Entrance Test / Interview – such as Mark Sheets of previous School, Photographs of Student/Parents, Income/Salary Certificate etc..

Note: Admission of the Student will not be complete until the submission of Transfer Certificate.

  • After submitting all of the above, you can collect the ‘Dormitory-Token' (consisting of Dormitory name, Building, Cupboard number, Matron-Incharge etc...) and proceed to Counter No:2.

Counter No.2

  • Check your Phone numbers and Address in the School Records and validate the same.
  • Collect the phone numbers and Call Timings and Procedures – To be followed by the Parents every week – For making phone calls to your child/ward at Abhyasa.
  • Anusandhaan User-ID & Password : Will be Issued
  • Collect the Identity-Card of your child – that has to be brought to the School along with the Parents/Guardians for Security Identification - whenever you happen to visit to School in future.
  • Collect the Contact List of School Officials and the School Calendar of Events.
  • A Student Volunteer will assist you to proceed to the Uniforms Counter and then the allotted Dormitory and Cupboard.

Uniforms Counter

If the Parent has already paid the Uniforms Fee much in advance, the sets would be ready for collection. 3 sets of Uniforms, School Tie, School Blazer, 3 sets of Evening Uniforms and 3 sets of Games Uniforms – should be collected from the Supplier and handed over to the Respective Dormitory Matron.

If Uniform Charges have not yet been paid to the Supplier, it should be done so immediately, and it would take at least a week's time for the supplier to deliver the Uniforms to the Student.

Parents desirous of knowing the status of Uniforms, may please contact M/s Sangeetha Uniforms: a) Mr. Ram Chandnani : 09395105288 or b) Mrs. >Bharathi Chandnani : 8688897339

After collecting the Uniforms, the Student Volunteers would guide you to the respective Dormitories

At the Dormitory

  • The Matrons/Teacher-Incharges would make a note of all the Articles and Clothes brought by the Students and the list will be counter-signed by the Parent and the Matron Incharge.
  • Dormitories and Cupboards are allotted to Students to ensure a harmonious collective living. Parents are requested not to make any requisitions for shift in Dormitories so that Students belonging to same Families, Localities, Cities and Regions are accommodated together.
  • Any change if absolutely necessary will be done later – for which a requisition should be submitted to the Rector of Abhyasa School, after settling the Cupboard of your Child/Ward.

Meeting for all the New Parents at the School Auditorium will be conducted. The Meeting would last for about an hour and parents would be explained about the various Systems and Procedures at Abhyasa – Especially on the usage of Anusandhaan Portal.

The notebooks and the Text books would be issued to the Students next day in the class rooms. All parents should ensure that they adhere to the timings and procedures stated herewith – to ensure that all formalities are completed smoothly. If Parents are reaching the School at other odd times, the School Officials will not be able to assist them. Parents should leave the School Campus immediately after the meeting, to enable the students settle-down in their new environment. Parents should Cooperate with staff/student Volunteers/School Security and follow their Guidelines. In case of any difficulty please contact the Principal for redressal of the problem and please do not argue with the Staff/Security.