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Years after the country wrested independence from British rule in 1947 there were over 200 Anglo Indian Schools across the newly independent country. With the intervention of the Supreme Court in the Bombay schools case (1954) which upheld the fundamental right of the minority Anglo Indian community to "establish and administer" institutions of it's choice, i.e. English medium schools, smoothened the road for CISCE which officially assumed the role and functions of the Cambridge syndicate in 1973 by offering it's equivalent ICSE and ISC school-leaving examination. CISCE is the linear successor of the Inter State Board for Anglo Indian Education and the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate.

There is a broad consensus among educationists and the cognoscenti that school leavers from CISCE affiliated schools, readily distinguishable by their holistic grounding and strong English language communication skills are those most likely to succeed in the newly emergent global economy whose lingua franca is English. Britain's UCAS (Universities & Colleges Admission Service) recognizes ISC (Class XII) school – leaving certificate for admission into British Universities, Most American Australian Universities and Canadian Universities exempt ISC Certificate holders from writing English proficiency tests and foundations courses which are mandatory for students from most Afro – Asian countries.

Council prescribes general guidelines for classes I to VIII, leaving the school managements and teachers free to provide customized education to their students while adopting the best teaching – learning practices which the council communicates to them from time to time. However, for teachers in classes IX to XII, the Council provides detailed scope of syllabus guidelines to prepare students for class X and XII school leaving exams so that the average student feels comfortable about writing the Council’s board exams. The distinguishing characteristic of the CISCE board is that its curriculum and syllabuses, which are on par with those of the British 'O' level and 'A' level examination boards, are of a very high quality in every respect. The biggest advantage of ICSE certification is its ready reorganization abroad, which makes entry into colleges and universities overseas much easier.