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Abhyasa Goals

Confidence – The First Goal

"I am not afraid…I was born to do this”

- Joan of Arc -

" Janthunaam Nara Janma Durlabham” – Amidst all species of life, the human birth is the gifted and rare… For Man alone has the unique privilege of enacting the divine role of creator in the constantly unfolding cosmic play ! Human life involves an arduous journey – of an ascent that picks up habits, values and successes – one after the other, only to renounce them all, one by one through the descent that follows – to return to source where it had originally come from!

The Ascent with Acquisition and descent with Renunciation – appear to contradict each other, but both are a conscious set of actions made by a conscious choice – which are on the agenda of the soul! When we choose something, the whole Universe collaborates in helping us to achieve it. So, choices have to be made consciously and cautiously! Life lived by Choice is Creative! Life lived by Chance is only Reactive. It is all about ‘C’ing thing correctly.

Knowledge of the Self reveals the ‘Truth’ and helps us to ‘See’ things in the right perspective. The end of ignorance is the end misery, doubt and failure in life. It is the beginning of a Freedom to achieve everything in life! The Upanishads therefore declared: "Saa Vidyaa… Yaa Vimukhthayae!” "That Alone is True Education… which liberates the Learner from ignorance and Fear…”

Confidence is Knowledge – Confidence is Power – Confidence is Passion – Confidence is Leadership – Confidence is Transformation – Confidences is Success if we have Confidence – we have the whole world in our hands!

Abhyasa Residential Public School is one of the very few schools existing today, striving to deliver such a system of education to this generation – which not only empowers life but also liberates the Self from ignorance and fear… Offering a lasting source of Self Confidence that is the first step for success in life!

We gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which we really stop to look ‘fear’ in the face… When we are able to say to yourself: ‘ I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ We must do that which we think we cannot and move confidently in the direction of our dreams and live the life that we have imagined.

- Eleanor Roosevelt –

Abhyasa student leader resolves to make the school campus – A ‘plastic-free zone’ and is inspiring his friends to join hands in this mission.

Creativity – The Second Goal

"Curiosity about life is the secret of great creative people”

- Leo Burnett -

Knowledge and awareness of self confer Self-Confidence that makes a child ‘See’ things in the right perspective. Such a child grows from being Reactive to being Creative. The most creative people in history were those who could think originally and differently. Right from the inventors of the Wheel to the creators of the "World Wide Web”, Visionaries have indeed attained the role of "co-creators” of this magnificent world!

Creativity is the ability to changes an existing perspective and have a better, unique idea that works. Everyone dreams about success, rewards, and recognition. But most of us prefer to play safe by following the other achievers, To match the pace of today’s change, the world demands more proactive people who can think smart and perform their best! The fable of the thirsty crow dropping pebbles is passé’ and the new age crow needs to be faster. So, it either breaks the pot or uses a straw!

In the new ‘Knowledge Age’ – that has just dawned - ‘Power’ is gradually shifting from institutions such as Government and Religion to individuals such as innovators and inventors. The popularity of Bill Gates or Abdul Kalam is just one example and your child could be the next! New light on psychology reveals that every individual is endowed with a different type of intelligence and therefore all people are capable – differently. The Multiple intelligence theory empowers every child to a rightful place on Earth!

Creativity is the key to any problem – Creativity is the solution to any situation. Creativity is the mother of all inventions and progress! Creativity is the DNA of all Creations. If you have Creativity, you can fix anything on this earth!

"Creativity is seeing something that doesn’t already exist. You need to find out how you can bring something into existence and be a playmate with God.”

- Michele Shea –

The Student leader hits upon an idea to create ‘Wealth from Waste’;Recyclable paper carry-bags are being made from waste newspaper – to substitute plastic carry-bags.

Character – The Third Goal

Money comes and goes but Morality comes and grows!

- Sri Sathya Sai Baba -

Today soft skills and emotional quotient add weightage to person’s credentials rather than mere academic achievements. When we hire people at our workplace, we cannot hire just their hands or hands to work for us!Their total personality has a bearing on the work and the organization.

Creativity is the crown of mankind, but if a Creative and Confident person is not reined in by Character, even a scientist or artist can become a terrorist! Character has the power to change the destiny of nations as demonstrated by Gandhiji Martin King Luther, Nelson Mandela and even Hitler!

Martin king Luther said, "We are all caught in a network of mutuality. What affects one directly, affects all others indirectly” If we don’t provide livelihood for the underprivileged, they will chop away all our forests and endanger our future! So our happiness is definitely bound with other’s happiness too!

What we need today is not an enforcement of Law, but expansion of Love! We need to care and begin to share. Our children need to be taught that, ‘The more we give, the more we get!’ because the Universe responds to us in exactly the same way as we respond to other. It actually pays to Be Good!

Even the legendary Hare and Tortoise no longer compete. They identify their core competencies and cooperate to arrive at win-win situations! Aristotle said: ‘The World is not a peak that can accommodate one or two, but a plateau on which many can co-exist!’

Our children have to be taught that Co-operation is Superior to Competition. But of course, Values cannot be acquired in a day or a year. Character is cultivated through the foundation years of childhood, just as a sapling is nurtured to become a strong, unshakable tree. Abhyasa is doing just that!

Honesty is honor – Integrity is Power – No force on this earth can ever upset a Righteous person. If we have the Character to control our temptations – we have the power or rule our destiny!

When wealth is lost – nothing is lost;
(because we can earn that back)
When health is lost – something is lost;
(because we may not be the same again)
When character is lost – everything is lost;
(because our character – defines our ‘place’ in this world!)
- Mahatma Gandhi –

When we transform – the world around us also gets transformed!
Abhyasa students distribute recyclable carry-bags to the vendors around the campus in Toopran.
The students believe that its not just their campus, but the whole town that should be plastic-free!