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Youth Games 2013-2014

This week started with a lot of activities back to back in Abhyasa. On 22nd November started the Youth Games which are held every year for the rural people in and around Toopran. The idea behind is to create an awareness in youth about the importance of sports. Around 200 players participated in this event which came from different Youth clubs , Schools and organizations from nearby villages, to showcase their talents in different games.

An Aerobics presentation was given by the Free School children. The games were Athletics, Kho- Kho and Volley Ball. The Chief Guest Mr Ravinder Reddy (Circle Inspector) Toopran himself was an ace Athlete in his hey days.

He shares some of his precious memories from his college days and also inspired the players by sharing his vies about the importance of Discipline and hard work related to sports. The torch was carried by last year’s winning team (Allapur) and the Chief Guest lighted the Torch along with Murthy Madam and Seshu Sir and declared the event open.

The games started with 100 mts Run which was won by Laxman from Hanuman Youth club. After that the Chief Guest himself entered the arena to start the Volley Ball Match. Mr Seshu , Mr Srinivas (Registrar) and other members participated in the short match.

Murthy Madam also played a bit and encouraged the students. It was a wonderful moment for all.

The results of the Games were as under:-

  • 100 Mts Run:- 1st Laxman ( Hanuman Youth Club)
    • 2nd Hari from Geeta School and Raj Reddy from APRS
    • 3rd Rupesh from Geeta School

  • 200 Mts Run:- 1st Laxman ( Hanuman Youth Club)
    • 2nd Mallesh (Rebel Youth)
    • 3rd Mallikarjuna from Padalapalli

  • 400 Mts Run:- 1st Ashok from Manoharabad
    • 2nd Laxman (Hanuman Youth Club)
    • 3rd Rupesh (Geeta School )

  • Volley Ball :- Adarsha A (Winners)
    • Adarsha B (Runners Up)

  • Kho- Kho:- APRS (Winners) & Hanuman Youth Club (Runners Up )
  • Individual Champion:- Laxman from Hanuman Youth Club with 13 Points.

Youth Games 2013-2014 Youth Games 2013-2014 Youth Games 2013-2014 Youth Games 2013-2014 Youth Games 2013-2014

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