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Abhyasa always invites eminent personalities to campus and arranges a session of interaction with them with all the students so that students get a maximum benefit of their experiences. This time it was Sree Kodi Ramakrishna, the famous Telugu Film Director.

On 18.08.2011, the famous director Sree Kodi Rama Krishna along with his team visited the campus. Famous Cameraman Sree Vasu and famous Tollywood lyricist Sree Jonnavittula also visited the campus. They went around the campus and praised the quality of infrastructure offered by Abhyasa to her students. Respected Principal, Sree Vinaayak Kalletla explained how Abhyasa is giving her best for the overall development of her wards to the team. The guests expressed that Abhyasa is one of the best schools which is working for the benefit of the students and the society.

During the interaction session with the students, Sree Kodi Rama Krishna expressed that one should learn values and live with discipline. He also shared that one should have passion to learn more and more than earning money. Sree Jonnavittula Ramalingeswara Rao, the famous Tollywood lyricist shared that all the students are extremely lucky to have been associated with Abhyasa and they should make good use of the infrastructure which is available at Abhyasa. The questions which were posed by the students to Sree Kodi Rama Krishna and his team were very much praised by them.

After the session, interested students were asked to attend the screening session which is meant to select the eligible students for the upcoming Telugu film “BABA SATHYA SAI” which was being produced by Sree Hari Rama Jogaiah and directed by Sree Kodi Rama Krishna. Snaps were taken for those students who were interested.

The team left the campus sharing great amount of vibes and energy.

Let us see some glimpses of the event...

Principal explains about Abhyasa to the guests…   Mr.Kodi Rama Krishna addresses the students
Principal explains about Abhyasa to the guests…   Mr.Kodi Rama Krishna addresses the students

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