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Abhyasa believes in Gurukul System, so the auspicious occasion of “TEACHERS DAY” was celebrated on 5th September 2012. 5th September commemorates the birthday of Dr. Sarvepally Radhakrishnan. The 2nd President of India. The day started with the touching experience of “PADA PUJA” where children washed the feet of the teachers to show their respect and reverence for teachers. This experience is unique to Abhyasa. This was followed by the cultural program. The dances and speeches by our students were impressive and the whole audience enjoyed the show. The speeches of the children on the life of Dr. Radhakrishnan his achievements and his life mission were truly inspiring.

The teachers were then honored by the Principal In-charge .In the afternoon a sumptuous lunch and delicious lunch was served to all the teachers.

We must congratulate the management and the students of class VIII who worked hard to make the day a success!

Some glimpses of the event :-

Ganesh Chaturthi - 2012 Ganesh Chaturthi - 2012 Ganesh Chaturthi - 2012 Ganesh Chaturthi - 2012

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