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    Teacher's Day Celebrations 2017

    Teachers’ Day was celebrated on 5th September in school with great fervour. The Members of the Student Council, who had been preparing for the grand day for more than a week, organised a great show dedicated to their teachers. The day buzzed with excitement and smiles all around.

    The Students made Their Favouraite Teachers to sit and performed “Paada Pojja” a traditional way to honour Guru in Indain Culture. Paada Pooja is a form of worshipping one's Guru by washing their feet. It has immense spiritual importance in Vedic traditions. ThePaada Pooja ritual signifies total surrender of one’s ego and considers the divine nature of the person whom you are doingPaada Pooja. Teachers blessed the students for their bright future & Success in life. The Ground was filled with sparks of Emotions between Guru & Chela.

    After the Paada Pooja Students Sung & Dance to Entertain their Teachers. The rocking performances made everybody stunned. Now its Teachers turn, Student Activity Management planned some surprise competitions for Teachers. Teachers danced for the Tunes, & Played various Fun Games, like Tug off War.

    Teacher's Day Celebrations 2017 Teacher's Day Celebrations 2017 Teacher's Day Celebrations 2017 Teacher's Day Celebrations 2017

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