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Abhyasa always believes in providing maximum opportunities to students for effective learning. Abhyasa also provides a great platform for the students to undergo experiential learning. On 10.03.2012, students of the incoming class 12 visited the Jeevaka Steel Manufacturing Unit. They were well received by the students and they were educated upon the following concepts by the Industry personnel.

  • Lay out of the factory
  • Human Resources systems and procedures and staff welfare policies
  • Process of Steel Manufacturing
  • The channel of distribution of selling the finished product
  • Profitability of Steel manufacturing Business and its growth in India.

All the students were explained the safety measures followed during the process of steel manufacturing. Students were very happy to learn about the process of steel manufacturing and were very excited to learn the above said topics. They were also explained the export process of steel business. The logistics and distribution channels were also explained to the students. Under the supervision of the teachers, students enjoyed the field trip which was fun yet great learning for them.

Let us see some of the glimpses of the field trip...

Team Abhyasa visits Steel Factory   Team Abhyasa visits Steel Factory
The officials of Jeevaka Steel Industries explain about their manufacturing unit to the students...
Team Abhyasa visits Steel Factory   Team Abhyasa visits Steel Factory

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