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Abhyasa Students visit to Orphanage and Old Age Home

Students of Abhyasa have an opportunity to do things differently. As Gram Seva and Spirituality and Arts and Culture students get opportunities to visit villages and Orphanages and interact with old people in Old age Homes. This year few students got the opportunity to visit an Orphanage and Old age home at the same time. It was such a wonderful experience to be with the children. Inspite of fighting with the odds their heart warming welcome made our hearts skip a bit. Their laugh made us cry inside out.The way they greeted us calling Bhaiyya and Didi really brought tears to many of us. We danced and sang songs with them and spent some quality time with the children and it was the most worthwhile time ever spent. For all of us these memories will be cherished for our life times and surely many of the students decided that they will surely contribute to such worthy causes in their adult life.

We distributed fruits and chocolates to the children. With heavy hearts we had to leave because of time constraints. We proceeded further as we had to visit an Old age Home. On the way we had an opportunity to Visit ST Mary’s Church. The Christmas fever had already begun and the church was fully decorated. Inspite of having different faiths the serenity touched out hearts. It made us all peaceful and our wandering minds came to a halt and we could feel the almighty’s presence all around us.

Abhyasa Students visit to Orphanage and Old Age Home

With the same feeling we started our journey further. At the Old Age Home we interacted with the old people. Our hearts sank by listening to their stories. But atleast their hopes were alive because of the shelter and care provided by this facility. Really at this ripe age when one deserves maximum care and attention, how can children leave their parents? This thought saddened most of us.

Abhyasa Students visit to Orphanage and Old Age Home

We shared fruits and chocolates with them. So finally on our return journey everyone was thinking about the events and there was complete silence in our bus. These experience will surely make everyone of us a bit empathetic and compassionate for the under privileged and the needy ones and surely as we grow in life we will keep ourselves attached to such organisations and volunteer in as many activities possible. It was a special learning for students.

Students inside the Orphanage.


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