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“Your friend is the person, who knows all about you, and still likes you”. It is the unique feeling and emotion – whatever we name it; it is the bond that constructs healthy relationship among all humans, irrespective of caste, creed and religion. It is a distinct religion whose language is globally accepted. It is nothing but the Friendship that makes all the impossible – possible. Abhyasa inculcated all these feelings by celebrating the Friendship day, 8th of August, 2010 wherein, the Activity Management had made the day a special one for the students. After the busy Sunday schedule– the students gathered at Anubhav – the Amphitheatre at 6.00 p.m for the programme.

Two stunning performances made the atmosphere bubbly and the fun began. Best friend pairs were identified among students. A balloon game was played where in one of the pair would collect the balloons with his/her mouth and the other one bursts the same. The team which bursts the maximum numbers within a minute would stand as the winner. Followed by another interesting programme, “How well do you know your friend?” – 5 different questions were asked to each of the pairs to identify how well do they know about their best friends. The questions were based on the likes and dislikes of the buddies. Lined up, there were hilarious jokes narrated by some students. Last but not the least, it was the speech of Master D.Sai Ram that attracted everybody and gave the message of real friendship. The programme ended with all the students celebrating the friendship by tying the friendship bands to their friends.

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