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ANVESHANA - Mathematics and Science Fest 2010

“Anveshana – 2010”, the Math and Science Fest – 2010 was held on 12th August, 2010(Thursday) in the Auditorium of New Knowledge centre.

The programme began with the lighting up of the lamp by the chief guest Dr. Andhra Dev and Mr. Sarath Kumar. They were accompanied by Mrs Veena Venugopal, Mrs Murthy, Mr CVK Sastry and Mr Dasaradhi. The programme was anchored by the Abhyasa students Master Shreyash Gampa of class XII and Ms. Harshita of class XI. They introduced the guests to the audience. A classical welcome dance was presented by the school dance group.

The following schools participated in the Math and Science Fest 2010. Gitanjali Public School;The HPS, Begumpet; St. Joseph, King Koti; St. Joseph, Malakpet; St. Joseph, Habsiguda; Sherwood Public School; St. Martin’s School, Princess Essin Girls’ High School; And the host Abhyasa Residential Public School.

The first item of the scheduled programme was the Maths and Science Quiz. Maths Teachers Mr Khaleel Ahmed and Mr. A. S. Dilip acted as the Quiz maters. The quiz comprised of 3 rounds namely Oral round, Visual round, and Rapid fire round. Each school was represented by 2 participants. The quiz was organized in a systematic manner and the audience, teachers, students and the guests were enthralled by the presentation and response of the participants. Audience too actively responded to some questions put to them. At the end, the 1st prize was shared by Abhyasa and St.Joseph, Malakpet and 2nd position went to Gitanajali Senior School.

Individual contest in Mathematics was held in the spacious Library hall of the new building. 5 sums (Olympiad level) were given to each participant. A total number of 16 students took part in it. The 1st position was secured by St. Joseph, Malakpet and 2nd position bagged by Gitanjali Senior School

Next item was a Just A Minute talk( JAM ), Master Avinash of class IX of Abhyasa and Srujana of the HPS,Begumapet shard the 1st prize and spoke on the topic “How Herbs can be used as medicines”.2nd place went to Keertana of St.Joseph ,Malakpet.

JAM was followed by ‘Science behind Situation”. The students from various schools did narrate the age old customs, such as putting Tilak (bindi) on the forehead, growing Tulsi plant in the houses, Chewing Pan (Tambulam) were good for health and were proved to be good by the science too. The first position was secured by Chertin Mathews of HPS and second place to Seema Jain of Sherwood Public School.

After the lunch break there was ‘Fancy Dress’ competition. Participants from various schools were attired in the roles of great Mathematicians and scientists such as Sir Issac Newton, Shakuntala Devi, Dr Mary Curie, Michael Faraday, etc. The audience was so impressed by their presentation and their contribution to the development of sciences. Master Vishal (VII B) and Ruchika K (VIII B) enacted as Sir Issac Newton and Shakuntala Devi respectively. In this category the 1st prize was secured by Momini of St.Joseph,Habsiguda and second price went to Sachin Singh of H.P.S ,Begumpet.

At the end we had much awaited, ‘Model Presentation’. All the schools have come up with innovative ideas and presented them as working scientific models. From Abhyasa Master Sameer (X) and Sanil (VII B) had displayed a flying balloon (Aero flight) based on the Bernoulli’s principle in a simple, Lucid and scientific manner. In this category the 1st prize was shared by Shreyas of Sherwood , and R.V.Sahithe of St.Joseph ,Malakpet. Second place was secured by Md.Jajammul Hussain of St.Joseph,King Koti.

Judges of the day were invited to express their views on the day long proceedings of Anveshana – 2010, Dr. Andhra Dev had advised the students to apply their skills in a scientific way, with due respect to our age old customs and traditions. Mr.Sharat has asked all the participants to improve on communication skills at the school level so that they can shine well in the career that they take up.

All the participants from different schools expressed their views. They were thrilled by participating in this Math and Science Fest – 2010 and learnt many new things, enriched their understanding in various concepts. Also, they expressed to participate again in such events in future.

Thus the Anveshana-2010, culminated with a photo session after the Tea and Snacks break.

Few interesting exhibition items and Model Presentations :

Few interesting exhibition items and Model Presentations   Few interesting exhibition items and Model Presentations
Few interesting exhibition items and Model Presentations   Few interesting exhibition items and Model Presentations

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