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    Sri Krishna Janmahstami 2017

    As is the tradition every year Janamashtami was celebrated this year too at Abhyasa International Residential School, Toopran on 14th Aug 2017.

    Lord Krishna was born on Janmashtami day in the month of Shravan at midnight. This day is celebrated all over India with much festivities by fasting and praying to Lord Krishna.

    Children were dressed up as Krishna, Radha and Gopiyan Attires. Aarti and bhajans were recited and songs related to Janmashtami were played while a puja was performed by the staff and the children. The fragrance of flowers, soothing aroma of burning camphor and jingle of the bells filled the air. Prasad was distributed among the children after the puja. The involvement of the children in the celebrations at such a tender age was worth applauding.

    The little Krishnas and Radhas looked adorable in their traditional costumes and the entire Priyanka’s Play pen & Amphi theater area was transformed into a land of joy , celebrations and happiness . The naughty little Krishna was all set to sway and dance with the gopikas and radha.

    After the Bhajans, Puja & Aarathi,There was Dahi handi breaking ceremony in Amphi theater where all class students involved, tried & enjoyed.

    The entire event was enjoyed by all students & Staff, as a family.

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