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When we look at the sky we get thousands of doubts... Why is this Universe like this? From the do the stars come? How far are they? Can we reach them? If we have to reach them, how should we go? All these questions are more in the brains of a child. Abhyaasa is committed for its ward’s overall development. We expect students turn to be professionals from various faculties and serve the country at a better pace.

On 10th July, Space club conducted south zonal Astro-Quiz at Hari-Hara Kala Bhavan-Secunderabad, in which, a group of 8 students from our school participated reached up to the semi- finals and lost. Nevertheless, they received an appreciation gift voucher from Odyssey Books.

Continuing the sessions, on 29th July, the 1st session of ‘Learning about Space’ (both the modules I and II) commenced. On this day, they were introduced to the topics like BEYOND THE CRADLE in which students learnt about the missions of rockets or space shuttles know more about space club, JOBL(Journey of a beam of light) was introduced to the students. This session was mainly about the journey of light that how much time or how many years it takes to travel entire solar system and universe. They also learnt in detail, about the members of the universe as well as the members of solar system. This was taught through a power point presentation. Students also enjoyed the sessions wherein they were introduced to the materials in space kits.

From 19th and 26th August, 2nd and 3rd sessions went on with the Science of the space missions (for II module). During these sessions students learnt about the satellites that how satellites rotate and revolve. Students tried to make ballononaut to rotate around the earth as a satellite and were successful. They were also taught the concept of about the apogee and perigee through a power point presentation.

Students enjoyed both the sessions and are happy to be a part of the space club. Undoubtedly, we will expect Astronauts form Abhyasa in the coming future.

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