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Astronomy Club Session (Space Club)

Abhyasa has began yet another exciting club filled with full of activities and experiential learning by introducing "SPACE CLUB"

It is a unique club running in selected Indian schools by Kuiper Research & Educational Services Pvt Ltd. Here Kids get chance to shake hands with Astronomy in a similar fashion like professional astronomers do - out in night sky. A perfect blend of activities and experiments to ensure learning by involvement and better scientific temperament are the key features of Space Club.

Right from learning basics of solar system to go up to the exploration of universe via galaxies after galaxies and from experiments in the classroom / school grounds to setting up high end telescopes in night sky away from city limits to explore the cosmic dance, is what Space club kids experience.

This is one club for kids to ask, explore, execute and learn. Here participation is by interest and choice and learning is by involvement.

It's the Space Club – where Stars of school meet Stars in the sky.

A total of ten sessions will be under taken by the trained professionals from Kuiper Research & Educational Services Pvt Ltd during the year.

All the members of the Space club attended the Astronomy show case at Hari Hara Kalabhavan on 4th July 2009. Four students participated in a quiz related to astronomy and all students had a chance to go through the exhibits prepared by various schools ( who are already members of the Space club ). The details of the session are mentioned below:


  • Discussed in brief about Astronomy.
  • Satellites sent by all the countries.
  • Composition of various planets.
  • Asteroids and meteors.
  • Galaxies, stars, solar systems, planets.
  • This session was attended by 38 students.


  • Inspired by the first session 13 more students joined the space club making it to a total of 51 students (divided into two batches).
  • In this session a movie titled "Journey on Beam of Light" was shown. It was an exciting experience for children.
  • Various maps related to space were shown and explained.

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