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Sharat Saurabh-A Scintilating Performance

25th October was the day of Primary School Children at Abhyasa. It was the I Semester End Programme after which all the students left for Dussera and Diwali break.

The show began at 6.00 p.m with the Chanting of the Rudram followed by Welcome address and introduction of the Guests by Vice Principal, Dr.P.Prasada Rao. The Guests present were Dr.Rama Linga Sastry, Prof.P.R.K.Murthy, Mr.Syed Sultan Ahmed and Dr.Vasudev Rangadas. A report on the academic performance and activities was presented by Mr.C.V.K.Sastry, Dean – Mathematics and Sciences followed by Administrative report by the Vice Principal, Dr.Prasada Rao – who presented the success story of Abhyasites in different events and competitions that took place during the Semester. 

Then began, highlight of the day - the ballet entitled, 'Celebrating Indian Culture.' The ballet started with a prayer, offered to Mother Goddess by a little soul of Abhyasa, for an idea for Sharat Saurabh. The Mother appears and advises him to demonstrate the great Indian culture that was taught and practiced at school. His team then presents various aspects of Indian Culture.. 

It was indeed a great effort to depict the glorious Indian culture and some of the great characters, by taking examples from different states. Performances of the characters of Tiruvalluavar from Tamilnadu who discussed about Chastity, followed by the age old Santhal tribal dance from Jarkhand and Ratwa from Gujarat were awesome. Then the character of Jayadeva, presented in a dance form depicted the Love of Radha for Lord Krishna. An episode from the life of Sant Tukaram from Maharashtra showed his implicit obedience to his Lord Vittobha. The ballet also had dance forms like Kuchipudi from Andhra Pradesh, Mohini Attam and Boat dances from Kerala, Naga dance from Nagaland, Zagor dance form from Goa, apart from an intellectual discussion between Sri.A.K.Koul from Kashmir, Rabindranath Tagoreji and Swami Vivekananda.  The ballet ended with a colorful formation comprising of all the participants in the foreground and a colorful display of fireworks in the background, expressing hope of SAMASTA LOKAH SUKHINO BHAVANTU.

All the guests were all praise for the performances and the effort that has gone in to make the programme successful. The programme ended with National Anthem.

A Glimpse of the Magical Moments

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