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Samaikyata - The Sports Festival for the Rural Youth

Abhyasa has taken up Social Responsibility as its major imparting tool for both her students and the neighborhood. Journeying in that direction Abhyasa has conducted Games and Sports meet for the local youth under the banner "SAMAIKYATA". This activity encourages spirited participation, sportsmanship and working for unity. The main motive of this event was to motivate and inspire the rural youth to take up social responsibility.

"Samaikyata – The Sports Festival for the Youth" was held between 18th July 2009 to 02nd August 2009. The response for the Invitation was overwhelming from every nook and corner of Toopran Mandal.

There were 16 cricket teams and 10 volley ball teams participating in league / knock out matches. Red-hot Sun could not beat the energy and power of the rural youth. There were many thrilling moments where all the spectators held their breath and watched the events. Cheers went on persuading the participants and it was a great sporting event conducted by Abhyasa. Cricket team from Jyoti Vidyala emerged as winner and the Padalapalli team stood as runners up. In Volleyball – Team from Nacharam emerged as winner and the Vadiyaram team completed the event as runners up. Happiness and the feeling of being recognized were clearly seen over the faces of the rural youth.

The closing ceremony was held on 02nd of August 2009, the day popularly celebrated as Friendship Day, all over the world. 250 local youth have attended the event. The programme began with a song "Loka Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu" by Abhyasa students. The participants voiced out their feelings about the event and every one thanked Abhyasa for conducting such an event with a hope that the trend will continue further forever and ever. It was touching to hear the Friendship day and patriotic songs rendered by the local youth. Some of the representatives had an opportunity to place their requests to the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Toopran, Mr.Siddaiah. It was quite inspiring to hear the poetry of Sree Ramanaiah, Freedom Fighter from Toopran.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mr.Siddaiah, and M.R.O Mr.Ramachari were the Guests of Honour at the closing ceremony. Both the guests appreciated Abhyasa for being socially responsible and suggested to the students and the youth to take this opportunity to share ideas and act socially responsible. Mr.Vinayak Kalletla thanked all the participants and made it clear that the country would progress if youth comes forward and behave responsibly towards the society. The winners and runners were given away the prizes by D.S.P. – Mr.Siddaiah, M.R.O – Mr. Ramachari and the school Principal Mr.Vinayak Kalletla. Dr. Prasad, Vice-Principal concluded the event by saying present day youth should engineer bridges between communities which would lead to "Loka Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu".

Abhyasa thanks all the participants, guests, and the press reporters for making the event a big hit. The programme was followed by dinner served by Abhyasa students for all the participants and guests. May the spirit attract more hands and hearts!!!





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