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Have you ever attended an interview for a Manager’s profile during your school life? Very few schools provide experiential learning for their students. Again, Abhyasa stands apart from the crowd by providing the pragmatic learning to its wards. As every time, it was the lesson on “Human Resources” which was taught through the experiential learning way.

The morning of 19.09.2010, despite being a Sunday, dawned to be a great morning with the students all excited because, very soon a recruitment drive was going to commence and Abhyasa’s Academic Block, Katyas Korner ,was bustling with activity. Even the chirping birds on the green campus could not make it out who was creating it!!! It was a recruitment drive conducted by the students of classes IX, X, XI & XII, for the forthcoming Commerce Activity on the campus.

Classes IX and XII formed one group and Classes X and XI formed the other group ,which would be representing two companies for the most looked forward to, Commerce Activity ,that is being conducted since the year 2003 very successfully on the campus by the Commerce team at Abhyasa. Both the teams were in the process of forming two Public Limited Companies for the Commerce Activity.

The teams were handed over sample copies of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. They were taught the concepts of Organorgram and how to prepare the same. The Board of Directors was elected along with the Chief Executive Officer and Vice-President for the companies. An advertisement for recruitment invited everyone on the campus for the different portfolios to be filled.

Students of Classes 9 and 10 rushed with their copies of resumes to the pre- determined venues of interviews at the Katyas Korner. Different interviewing panels from both the companies were constituted to interview the candidates. The various departments for the recruitment drive were, Finance & Accounts, Public Relations, Marketing, Purchases, Sales, Promotion, Inventory, Human Resources and Total Quality Management.

Various methods of selection were followed during the interviews. As some potential employees looked happy, some others looked nervous. The results were announced the next day in the Assembly by presenting the Organogram to the audience. All in all, learning was fun for the students to understand the concept of Human Resources…

Now, for some glimpses of the event...


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