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Long Live Grandpa & Grandma

The 75th Birthday of Our School President Mr.Rangadas Kalletla & 50th Golden Jubilee of the Marriage Anniversary of Mr. Rangadas Kalletla and Mrs.Rangadas Kalletla was celebrated on 25th July 2012.

It was a joyous occasion for the whole team of Abhyasa along with Showers of Blessings from above! The program started amid gracious showers of rain. They were welcomed by the whole school in Priyanka’s Play-pen with Love and at most Religious Devotion

The Program started with an Invocation Dance to Lord Vishnu since the couples are his Devotees. A Devotional song sung to make the occasion more meaningful. After that, there was a Dramatic Burrakatha on the Life of Mr.Rangadas and Mrs.Padmavathi Kalletla presented by our staff Mr.Kutumba Rao, Mr.Sreenath Sharma and Mr.Sai Krishna, which was the Highlight of the day.

Later the blessed couples were invited to the Stage and Sita Rama Kalyanam was performed by our students in the presence of Mrs.Nagarajeshwari Murthy, our Principal In charge. This proved to be the most enjoyable part of the Programme.This was followed by Cake Cutting by the Couple of the Day in the Presence of the Whole Family. To add to the Colour, we had Sparkling Fireworks which illuminated the Sky.

We wish our Chief Patrons Sir Rangadas Kalletla and Srimathi Padmavathi Kalletla have Many More Anniversaries and many more Such Celebrations.

Some glimpses of the event :-

Anveshana 2012 Anveshana 2012 Anveshana 2012 Anveshana 2012 Anveshana 2012 Anveshana 2012 Anveshana 2012 Anveshana 2012

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