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The most awaited activity was back with a bang! Children marked in to two groups Fusion and Phoenix. Youthful exuberance of IX graders cached with the seasoned campaigners of the XI graders to make it a successful event. The picnic spot located nearby Nacharam was the centre of the activity with a natural ambience.

The competition among companies commenced with a flurry of commercial ads, which everybody found interesting and left little choice for the customers to choose between companies. So, it all boiled down to the ‘D’ day. The stage was set for the fight to finish with each company trying to outsmart the others.

This battle coincided with the Parent’s Picnic. It provided entertainment and joyful memories which they will cherish. Lemon fun, Anthakshari, Tambola, Communication gap and Treasure hunt were the games which brought out the true sporting abilities of the parents. All this was followed by a sumptuous lunch shared by one and all.

Then, the students released their very own magazine “The Rebel” edited by the Academic Management, true to its name “Rebel” is the voice and the desire of “THE YOUNGISTAN” or the “GEN XT”. The release was greeted with great applause. It sold like hot cakes and praise framed in.

As the desk approached the Curtains came down with a heavy heart but with the anticipation of a better activity for the next year. All in all, the entire event was a grand success. Let’s hope the joy and admiration may last long for all those associated with it.

Some glimpses of Picnic:

Staff at Registration Counter
Staff at Registration Counter...

Students at Picnic Spot
Group of Phoenix
Students at Picnic Spot...
Group of Phoenix

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