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    Parent’s Pada Pooja 2017

    19th March 2017: The students of Abhyasa melt into a deep mood of gratitude and devotion when they perform Pada Pooja of their parents and receive wondrous gift of divine compassion and upliftment of their consciousness.

    The origins of Pada Pooja are deeply rooted in the history of Vedic tradition. One of the 3 debts mentioned in our scriptures is “Pitri – Rin” – debt to one’s parents and ancestors. One's entire existence, including the family name and the great dharma one belongs to, are the gifts of one's parents and the forefathers. Our parents brought us into this world, protected us when we were weak and frail, fed us, clothed us, taught us and brought us up. We respect our parents equal to Almighty, and we do service to them with care and affection. We do not worship father, mother or teacher etc as God himself, but as repositories of the all pervading God!

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