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New Year Celebrations at Abhyasa 2014

Generally on this day its time to count the hits and misses , the ups and the downs, the wins and the losses, the plus and the minuses and we chose to bring forth only the positives and let the bygones be bygones. It was celebration time and Abhyasites never ever back up in this area. Celebrations = Huge is the formula at Abhyasa. Whatever we do, we do it in style here. The preparations began a day before and the stage was set for the D-Day. The seniors took the responsibility to decorate the stage and looked after all other arrangements.

The evening started with a big bang. The two comedians from Abhyasa took the centre stage by storm Aslam Bhai and Vittal.

These Two hosted the show. Mast Samanvith did the Comparing for the entire show. The program started with a classical performance which was a devotional song by Miss Sai Pooja and group.

And after that it was a dance performance given by class VII girls and boys. Then it was class XI Girls and Mast Nadir of Class IX. Exactly at 12 am Vinaayak Sir started a peace prayer for the well being of all and the whole school followed him. It was a divine experience as the whole campus was filled with these spiritual vibes. A Huge Cake was called in to celebrate the New Year.

After the prayer it was time for fireworks. The sky was lit with crackers specially brought in for this event. All the children welcomed the New Year by displaying charts and some students were holding lit candles.

beautiful to watch the amphi theatre area illuminated with lit candles. Loud cheers of Happy New Year were heard. A special Video was prepared by the students and was presented. The theme was sweet memories of 2013, which showed all our victories in the year and some memorable moments created in the year 2013.The Rebel magazine was also released by our beloved Director and Founder Principal. A style act was presented shortly there after by Shiva House and Shakti House.

The participants showcased the latest fashion trends and walked the ramp in a very professional manner. Shiva House won this event. Mast.Akshay Buggani from class XI then rocked the stage by his shadow dance, which was really amazing and everyone was entertained by his graceful steps. Thus the year ended with a grand farewell given by Abhyasites.

New Year Celebrations at Abhyasa 2014 New Year Celebrations at Abhyasa 2014 New Year Celebrations at Abhyasa 2014 New Year Celebrations at Abhyasa 2014 New Year Celebrations at Abhyasa 2014

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