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Nature Club – WWF(A.P.)

(Young climate saver programme - Report)


  • To do away with the use of poly-bags by replacing paper bags.
  • To make Toopran Town "A POLY BAG FREE ZONE".
  • To recycle used news papers (450 in number daily).
  • To create an opportunity for financial upliftment of villagers of Toopran

Report on youth climate saver programme (YCS)

Blue Uniform, Green Heart

Young Climate savers on their march to make Toopran town as poly bag free zone. Plan of action:

Nature club of Abhyasa School has taken the task of making Abhyasa campus Zero Waste Zone. Abhyasa School receives 450 news paper daily. Young climate savers of Abhyasa thought of recycling these news papers by making paper bags. These little soldiers are aware of hazardous nature of polythene bags. They planned to spread the awareness in society so that they can replace the poly bags with paper bags in Toopran Town and can help in Eco-friendly, Poly Bag free Toopran Town.

Work Done:

Spreading Awareness

  • Shop to shop campaign was conducted to counsel the shop keepers and hawkers to make them understand the hazardous nature of poly-bags and utility of paper-bags.
  • Home to home and person to person awareness was executed.

Report on youth climate saver programme (YCS)

Awareness-stepping stone to green revolution

"Say No to Poly Bags, Demand For Paper Bags"

  • 1000 fliers are printed in Telugu and English to spread awareness in local people under the slogan Say no To Poly-Bags; Demand for Paper Bags.
  • Nearly 150 students of Nature club spread in the Toopran Town including residential area, market area, public places giving fliers and explaining that though poly-bags are attractive, they are destructive to nature and as well as our health.
  • SAY NO TO POLY-BAGS rally was organised on 16.01.10 amidst shouting slogans and holding placard having the message in Hindi, Telugu and English.
  • Street plays and puppet show were organised in other Govt. schools.

Regional Director Mrs. Farida Tempal,inspiring students

Spreading Awarness in The Local People Through Fliers

Survey of Toopran Market :

  • Usage of Polythene bags/paper bags was conducted with the coverage of 100 shops of Toopran Market on NH-7(the Hyd., Toopran, Nizamabad High way).
  • Survey of requirement of paper bags in each shop was done.
  • Samples of required paper bag were collected.

Regional Director Mrs. Farida Tempal,inspiring students

Survey of Requirement of Paper Bags in Toopran Shops

Making paper bags and distribution:

Students have been preparing paper bags of different sizes and distributing to Bakery shops, sweet shops, medical shops, kirana shops, fancy bangle stores, hawkers, fruit and vegetable market.

Regional Director Mrs. Farida Tempal,inspiring students Regional Director Mrs. Farida Tempal,inspiring students

Abhyasites in Action: Making & Distributing paper bags.

Paper bag making workshop:

  • Young climate savers are determined to make Toopran as poly bag free zone. Paper bag workshop was organised for Toopran community. The workers of Abhyasa school were also trained. Nearly 25 people including men and women had participated in the camp.
  • Students expressed the need of replacing hazardous poly bags with paper bags and inspired them to make paper bags and supply in market. This will increase their income apart from serving the mother earth.
  • They also expressed that cows, sheep like animals are dying by consuming poly bags along with food waste. Those who are using poly bags are responsible for killing cows whom we worship as mother. They insisted that we should return poly bags and demand for paper bags.
  • All participants learned making paper bags under the supervision of our students. They are happy and enthusiastic to carry out the project.

Regional Director Mrs. Farida Tempal,inspiring students Regional Director Mrs. Farida Tempal,inspiring students

With 3R’s Resolution – Green Soldiers educating villagers to make paper bags.

Regional Director Mrs. Farida Tempal,inspiring students

Ready to Recylcle: Nature club members with the workers of the school at paper bag workshop

Feed Back:

The project of Abhyasa Nature club has been applauded by shop keepers and citizens of Toopran town.

The survey has been lauded by the press and media persons also and have given a good coverage in Sakshi Telugu Daily News paper of dated 17-01-2010 and Eenadu (district edition) of 17-1-2010.

Regional Director Mrs. Farida Tempal,inspiring students

Pushing Polythene Bag Aside:

A press cutting from "Eenadu"Telugu daily news paper lauding students effort.

Regional Director Mrs. Farida Tempal,inspiring students

From Pages To Performance:

Telugu daily "Sakshi" eulogising Nature Club of Abhyasa for anti poly bag campaign Conclusion.

On the whole, it has been a fruitful effort on the part of young climate savers of Abhyasa Residential School in extending its help in rectifying the very important issue i.e. saving earth from hazardous poly bags and at the same time rendering its immaculate services to the rural people.

Incharge Teachers Nature Club:
Mrs Rajrani Agrawal & Mr Andrews


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