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Report on youth climate saver programme (YCS)

A workshop was organized by Nature Club ‐ WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) A.P. at KBR National Park, Hyderabad on 8th January, 2010.

On the objective of making students the educator of climate change, they were trained to spread awareness related to threat of Climate Change, the need to adopt measures to reduce emission of green house gases and conservation of natural resources for sustainable environment.

Report on youth climate saver programme (YCS)

Sai Ram D and Abhivardhan Sai of Class 8th were selected as Reporter and Educator respectively from Abhyasa’s Nature Club.

D.Sairam, selected as a reporter

D.Sairam, selected as a reporter

D.Sairam, selected as a reporter

D. Abhivardhan, selected as an educator

Mrs. Farida Tempal, Regional Director, A.P., WWF presided over the workshop and inspired the students to shoulder the responsibility as young climate savers by taking up the role of educator.

Students of nearly 12 schools from Hyderabad participated in this workshop resolved to take action against Climate Change.

Mr. Vikram a resource person of this workshop discussed at length about the climate change including Copenhagen Summit, need for adopting measures, causes, consequences and mitigation of climate change in an interesting way.

D.Sairam, selected as a reporter

Regional Director Mrs. Farida Tempal,inspiring students

D.Sairam, selected as a reporter

Abhyasa Nature Club Team

Mrs. Farida Tempal expressed that students also can make a change by simple means in their daily life in the following manner:

  • Using bicycles for short distance, encouraging parents to use car pooling, using public transport, using energy efficient CFC bulb, etc.
  • To bring the awareness among the shopkeepers regarding usage of plastic bags, children can sensitize the parents in returning the plastic bags and instead demand for paper bags.
  • Avoid using “use and throw” articles like disposal plates, disposal cups and disposal glasses. Always keep an own water bottle, refill it, reuse it in place of disposal bottles.

She inspired the participating school managements to adopt sustainable measures like greening campus, recycling waste through vermi‐compost, conserving energy and water by following Recycling, Reuse, and Reduce (3R’s) attitude.

“Recycling of used newspaper by paper bag making and distributing in market” activity undertaken by Abhyasa was lauded by the Regional Director Mrs. Farida Tempal.

Impressed by this activity, she announced her wish to implement it in Adilabad Tribal Area by supplying newspaper and training tribals to make paper bags and earning livelihood through the activity. She also informed the participants that she would highlight this activity of Abhyasa at WWF National Meet in New Delhi.

She proclaimed that this project of Abhyasa Residential School is going to be a representation of A.P. state in the WWF National Meet at New Delhi.

“Educate students to Educate Society” is a Nobel effort by Nature Club WWF. Let us hope for the best for a sustainable environment in near future.


Mrs. Rajrani Agrawal,
In‐charge Teacher,
Abhyasa Nature Club

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