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Music Fest 2013-2014

According to the tradition, Abhyasa hosts a variety of Cultural and Sports events through out the year and one of them is the Music Fest.

This year the theme was to showcase the different forms of music. The beginning was done with Ganesh Vandana (as it was the day for Ganesh Nimarjan) sung by group. And then was Hindustani Vocal classical music and its use in Indian Cinema. How different Ragas are used by successful music Directors in Bollywood Films. The Raga which was chosen was “Puriya Dhanashree”. It started with a pure classical and then went on to show how the same Raga was used in the Movie “Rangeela” by the Legendary Oscar Award Winner Mr A R Rahman. As it was also a Parents Visit day, we had a Large audience and it was scheduled to be done in Open Amphi theatre, but due to heavy rainfall we had to shift it to the play Pen. The Audience was Mesmerized by the performance given by Master Dhanush Gontla (Class X) and by Miss Radhe shree Sarda (Class XII) and Sakshi Handa (Class VII).

Then it was Time for the Carnatic Form of Music. It was a Group performance and the group gave an outstanding performance and was greatly applauded by one and all.

The Third one was truly an explosive performance of western Music. The group really seemed to have worked hard over this one. It was perfectly synchronized and the accompaniment (Guitar & Drums) was quite a treat to the ears. It was greeted by a thunderous round of applause by the crowd.

Then came the performance by Mast. Nikhil on his violin. It was a classical performance and he showcased his talents in front of Hundreds of people. It was a very serene performance and the crowd really loved it.

The most surprising part came later at the end of Programme when Vinaayak Sir came up to the stage to make an announcement. Abhyasa received 2nd Rank in Andhra Pradesh in all Residential Schools and an Over all Ranking of 13th in India by a survey done by Education World. The parents as well as students cheered thunderously as Vinaayak Sir Displayed the Certificate.

As soon as this program was over all the students and teachers proceeded for Ganesh Nimarjan. It was pouring but little did it affect the enthusiasm of Abhyasites. It was dance all the way with a troop of band. The day ended with loud cheers of Ganapati Bappa Morya – agle baras tu jaldi aa.

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