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Jingle bells… Jingle bells… Jingle all the way… “Anubhav”, the amphi theatre echoed with the carols sung by the little ones on the evening of the 25th December. Abhyasa Residential school, like every year celebrated Christmas in a serene way. Christmas is from Chrites Maesse, which means Christ Mass. December 25th was the birthday of Mithras, the Iranian God of light. This day was adopted by the church to celebrate Christmas festival. All students were taken to the local church to offer prayers to the Christ.

“May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness this Christmas” with this note began the celebrations. Father Manoj from Society of Divine Word, presided over the programme. In his address he thanked the school for inviting him on the holy occasion and loved his presence in the beautiful scenic atmosphere of the school. Every programme begins with a prayer, so brother Praveen lead the prayer service. Father Manoj then read out a passage from chapter St. Mathews depicting the birth of Jesus Christ. As a mark of respect and a token of affection Vice Principal (Admn) Mrs.Veena Venugopal.

On the stage the Christmas tree was manifested in its glory. Live sheep was hired to enhance the spirit of Christmas. The shepherds also became a part and parcel of the stage programme. The hut and the manger added the natural look that was required for the skit.

Students of class VIII A&B sang carols as a part of the skit that depicted the birth of Jesus Christ. While the David’s star shined high above, the stage came alive. The audience sat enthralled, while they were transported to an era back in time, the time when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Students of Class 8 A&B have given it a great performance on the stage. Father Manoj was very pleased; he appreciated their creativity and effort.

This skit was followed by another extempore motivational show put up by class IX IG. The action oriented skit was all about how goodness still prevails in the society and how the Abhyasites are part and parcel of goodness. The programme ended with more carols, as the students looked up at the David’s star and felt the spirit of Christmas. Thanks to Team Abhyasa who made this Christmas a memorable one.

All ends well with divine grace. Merry Christmas!

Let us see some of the glimpses of the event...


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