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Abhyasa International Residential School (Toopran - Medak District) conducted its annual inter school language competition called Avanthi 2012 the language fest in its school premises. The purpose was to network with other ICSE schools and provide a platform to showcase student talents. Academic pressures usually destroy the beauty and joy of language and so the Avanti Fest aims at bringing the zeal back to manage teaching and learning. From the ICSE Schools of students from classes VI to IX participated in the following competitions.

English Literary character discovery
» Picture composition
» Spelling Bee
» Debate
Hindi Just a minute
» Poetry recitation
» Picture composition
Telugu Harikatha
» Folk songs
» Picture composition

Three prizes were given in each competition.

The formal programme began with the lighting of the lamp followed by an invocation dance choreographed by Mr. P. Srinivas Rao - Dance Teacher. The Vice Principal Academics Mr. CVK Sastry delivered the welcome address. The competitions began with the Literary Character Discovery where characters from the pages of literature came alive. Characters such as Rosalind from As You Like It (Shakespeare), Brutus from Julius Ceaser (Shakespeare) came to life. Abhyasa won the 1st Prize with a complex portrayal of the character from Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

The second competition Just a minute in Hindi was very well received by the audience. The poetry recitation competition in Hindi proved to be very popular because of the patriotic and fiery passages chosen. It was won by Abhyasa Residential School and St.Joseph Public School, King Koti.

The Debate Competition was presented the topic “Exclusive use of the internet destroys the natural skills of students”. The debate was hotly argued and heavily contested and the audience supported the various teams enthusiastically. The debate was won by the Johnson Grammar School and Geetanjali School.

The Picture Composition and the Spelling Bee were also widely appreciated by the Judges. But the most appreciated item was the Telugu Folk songs competition – The foot tapping rhythms and the energy filled songs had the audience roaring for more! It was won by the host school Abhyasa!

A unique competition organized by Abhyasa was the Telugu Hari Katha Competition. Hari Katha is a dying art form and Abhyasa wanted to revive this unique art form and educate students about its significance in our culture and literature. Dressed in colorful costumes the Harikatha participants sung, danced and told the tales of the lord (Hari-katha).

The eminent Judges Mr. Nihal Kovali, Father Manoj and Mrs Neeraja and Mrs. Sarva Mangala appreciated the unique ethos of Abhyasa which is a blend of traditional values blended with contemporary charge.

The prize distribution was conducted by Mr. Dasaradh Koganti, Dean of Humanities. The Principal Incharge Mrs. Nagarajeshwari Murthy praised the participants enthusiasm and commented their effort.

The Director & Founder Principal Mr. Vinayak Kalletla who was away on official work sent his best wishes to the participants and organization.

Avanthi, the Language Fest captured the spirit of the fiesta and brought light hearted fun and joy to the participants, teachers and organizers!

Vivala Fest! Long live the Language Fest!!

The following is the list of winners in the event.



Character Discovery :

I Prize à Bhavana (Abhyasa Residential School)
II Prize à Sweksha (St. Joseph School (King Koti)
III Prizeà Rashmitha Rathod (HPS Kadapa)

Spelling Bee :

I Prize à AV Lakshmi (Geetanjali Senior School)
II Prize à Jaya Venkatesh Jaya Bhaskar (Johnson Grammar School)
C. Vaishnavi (St. Josephs School King Koti)
III Prize à Dhanush (Abhyasa Residential School)
S. Lipi (St. Josephs Malakpet)

Debate :

I Prize à Soumya V (Johnson Grammar School)
Ragini M (Gitanjali School)
II Prize à K. Sanjana (St. Joseph School, Malakpet)
III Prizeà Samanvith (Abhyasa Residential School)
Krishna K (Johnson Grammar School)
Adithi Jha (St. Joseph Malakpet)

Picture Composition :

I Prize à Nadir Ahmed (Abhyasa Residential School)
II Prize à V. Rohini. St. Joseph Malakpet
III Prize à Robindro (Abhyasa Residential School)


Just a minute :

I Prize à Nadir Ahmed, (Abhyasa Residential School)
II Prize à Md. Sufyan Ali Jawad (St. Joseph School Kingkoti)
Yash Baldawa. (Geetanjali Begumpet)
III Prize à M. Raj Chowdary (HPS Kadapa)
Saloni Gupti (St. Joseph Malakpet)

Poetry recitation :

I Prize à Kabir Bhalla (St. Joseph Public School King Koti)
Hrishikesh N (Abhyasa Residential Public School)
II Prize à Prith Sharma (Geetanjali Begumpet)
III Pirze à Aparajitha Acharya (Johnson Grammar School)

Picture Composition :

I Prize à Pratyusha (Johnson Grammar School)
Sahil Bhaware (Abhyasa Residential School)
II Prize à Insha F (St. Joseph Malakpet)
Um - e - Habiba (Mukarram Jah )
III Prize à Ishan Iqbal Gilani(Sherwood Public School)


Harikatha :

I Prize à Vihasith Reddy (Abhyasa Residential School)
II Prize à V. Harini (St. Joseph Malakpet)
III Prize à T.B. Sarank (HPS Kadapa)
: K. Nikhil (St. Joseph Habsiguda)

Telugu Janapadam :

I Prize à Sri Sai Spandana (St Joseph School King Koti)
II Prize à Nityasri (Abhyasa Residential School)
III Prize à Kumari Samhitha (St Joseph Habsiguda)

Sai Krishna Folk Song.
Picture Composition :

I Prize à V. Hima Charitha (HPS Kadapa)
II Prize à K. Suma (St. Josephs Malakpet)
III Prizeà Madhurima. D (Gitanjali Senior)
Consolation Prize: K. Ruthvik (Sherwood Public School)

Some glimpses of the program:-

Anveshana 2012 Anveshana 2012 Anveshana 2012 Anveshana 2012 Anveshana 2012 Anveshana 2012 Anveshana 2012

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