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School Updates

Judgement Criteria

  • Spell Bee :
    • 25 words with complete accuracy – 1 mark each for every correct word – 0 for every wrong word.
    • Incase of a tie (in any language) 3 tie–breaker words will be given to those shortlisted, and the winner declared.
  • Dialogue Writing :
    • To be judged on – Originality, Word Limit, Relevance to the Visual, Grammatical Accuracy.
  • Skit (Comedy) :
    • To be judged on – Casting, Dialogue diction, Expression of emotions, Costume & Make up, Props.
  • Talent Show :
    • To be judged on – Level of Talent, Quality, Originality, Audience Appeal.
  • Group Folk Dance (Telugu) :
    • To be judged on Theme, Choreography, Synchronization, Costumes, Energy & Expressions.
  • Character Discovery :
    • To be judged on Character, Costumes, Expression, Effectiveness & Impression.
  • Science Behind Situation :
    • To be judged on Creativity, the Application of the concept, Clarity in Demonstration, Quality of Gadgets.
  • Model Presentation :
    • To be judged on Clarity in Communication, Application of the Model, Synthesis of concepts, Functionality of the model.
  • Stamp Designing :
    • To be judged on Design, Clarity, Colour and Colour Co-ordination, Message Conveyed & Overall Impact.

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