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14th Jeevan Vidya National Convention : A Report

The 14th National Convention of Jeevan Vidya was held at Abhyasa Residential School, Toopran, Medak, near Hyderabad from 1st to 4th October, 2009. The convention which is conducted annually offers a forum and opportunity for people who are associated with Jeevan Vidya to meet others from all over the country who have been engaged in Understanding, Sharing and Implementing Jeevan Vidya ‐ Madhyasth Darshan over the last decade or so.

This was for the first time that the convention was held in south India. Shri Nagaraj Sharmaji fondly called as Baba, who is the propounder of the Jeevan Vidya – Madhyasth Darshan philosophy graced the event and interacted with participants on all four days of the event. The first day of the event started with Shri Nagaraji’s discourse. On the second day, Baba spoke on Education and how every human being wants and is capable of progress towards Right Understanding. Third day of the event had speakers talking on various aspects of Jeevan Vidya. On the fourth day, Baba said “Only with the understanding of the Universal Human Order, one can move from animal consciousness to human consciousness and fulfill one’s role in the system responsibly”.

There is no exaggeration in saying that everyone including volunteers from IIIT felt a deep sense of gratitude towards the Abhyasa management, teachers, staff and students who have been very warm and played a major role for the event to happen. Delicious food was arranged to all the participants and the prabodhaks.

Thanks to all the volunteers, prabodhaks and participants, Jeevan Vidya Sammelan 2009 was very successful.

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