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Jeevan Vidya Workshop Conducted At Abhyasa

All the family members of Abhyasa – from Academicians to Administrators have experienced the process of self-discovery during the three and half days (26th July to 29th July) workshop conducted on JEEVAN VIDYA. The Electronics and Communications professor from IIT, Kanpur – Shree Ganesh Bagaria has conducted the workshop on Jeevan Vidya – assisted by Prof. Pradeep, Faculty at IIIT, Hyderabad and Sree Suman. Mr. Rajul Asthana, Ex-Vice President, Satyam Computers, was also coordinating with the Jeevan Vidya Team.

Everyone enjoyed the essence of the workshop as they were able to identify real definitions of Self, Happiness and Prosperity.

The workshop started with the introduction of the Jeevan Vidya Team and their experiences. The main concepts that were discussed during the workshop were as follows:

  • Identification of Self and Body
  • Self-Exploration – on one's own right – which is again based on Natural Action and on Mutual Fulfillment
  • Every human being is the sum total of Self and Body.
  • There is natural acceptance in every self, who is invariant, intact and it is uncorrupted by our pre-conditioning.
  • Every one gets happiness which is universal for Individual, Time and Space.
  • Harmony at six levels namely Self, Body, Family, Society, Nature and Existence were discussed in depth.
  • Every Human being desires to be continuously happy and prosperous by having enough physical facilities which is nothing but Animal Consciousness.
  • If every Human being desires to be continuously happy and prosperous by having enough physical facilities with right understanding and right feelings in relations, He or She lives with Human Consciousness.
  • All the participants were enlightened especially with the introduction of nine feelings namely Trust, Respect, Affection, Care, Guidance, Reverence, Glory, Gratitude and Love which are essential to lead a harmonious life at family and organizational levels.

The participants were very enthusiastic to learn and explore about themselves. This was evident during their sharing at the evaluation (Mulyankan) session after the workshop. It was a great effort by Sree Ganesh Bagaria to impart knowledge of a complex topic with great passion and ease. He displayed his excellence as an inspiring teacher while delivering the workshop that added to the increase in the motivation levels of the staff. Every staff of Abhyasa was touched and had few takeaways that touched their heart. The workshop was very enlightening and had awakened the spirits of all the participants. The presence of some parents also added value to the workshop. The organizers, participants thanked Abhyasa for conducting such a soul-searching workshop which had stimulated the real consciousness of life.

jeevan vidya

jeevan vidya

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