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It is a quite a unique process at Abhyasa to elect the student leaders for different process to achieve the goal of “Overall Personality Development” of a student. Students are given a fair and democratic chance to nominate themselves to handle various departments which are mentioned as follows:

1. Academic Management
2. Discipline Management
3. Campus Management
4. Mess Management
5. Gram Seva Management
6. Spirituality Management
7. Activity Management
8. Sports Management

Once all the nominations are received, the student leaders would be elected in the Open Assembly where the students are asked to vote for the candidate. The School Administration Team also brainstorms the candidate’s ability of leading the given process.

Even this year, voting for the Students Managers, Class Leaders, Class Academic Coordinators, Dorm Leaders and deputy leaders for the different process was done. The process was done on a very transparent manner and basis. At Abhyasa, we mean what we say. To inculcate the same quality in our students, the student managers who manage the different processes would be asked to present their goals to be achieved for the year. They will be motivated to come up with new ideas to enhance the quality of process managed by them. They will come up with their own ideas with collective brain storming.

The training of the future leaders starts with the process of making them acclimatized with the system. All the elected student managers for different committees were asked to present their goals to the school.

On 21st June, the programme started by offering prayers to Lord Ganapathi ("Vakratundaya.... Sri item).which students have shown their skills of dance.. Later all the student managers were invested by the Chief Guest. Nalgonda Collector Sri N. Muktheswara Rao Garu, administered the oath to the student managers who promised to perform their duties with diligence. All the students were also took an oath that they would offer their best support to the student leaders to run the system very smoothly at Abhyasa. This year students were privileged to have Nalgonda District Collector Sri N. Muktheswara Rao  as Chief Guest for the function.

Nalgonda District Collector Sri N.Muktheswara Rao was patient enough to answer all the questions of the students and appreciated the spirit of the students for the quality of questions raised.Adding colours to the event, Abhyasa has celebrated her 17th Birthday (June 21st) along with the event. Cheif Guest was requested to cut the cake and all the students were distributed the cake in Blue Shed.He also gave a message by telling so many inspiring real stories, about Mokshagundam Vishweshvarayya, and Swami Vivekananda.

The details of the student leaders for the Academic Year 2012– 2013 goes as follows

List of Head Boy, Vice Captains, Student Managers and House Captains

School Captains - Master Harikrishna Reddy & Master Sahith Bandi

Master Harikrishna Reddy is an excellent athlete - own many medals at the AP Regional Sports meet of ICSE and ISC Schools and also at National level.
Master Sahith Bandi joined institution as a Tiny Tot in standard VI and has mastered the skill of managing any event at the school.

Vice Captains - Master Manish Rathode & Miss Sahitya

Master Manish Rathode is an excellent basket ball player and good Athelete
Miss Sahithya is an all rounder - topper in academics  and champion of three KM walking race.

Student Managers:

1. Academic Manager  - Master Anil Kumar Chavali; is an excellent debater, good at quiz and represented the school at interstate level for debate.

2. Activity Manager - Master Gokul; He is good at swimming won many medals at state level - always a cheerful person.

3. Campus Manager - Master Akash Gupta; man of perfection - a good team player - ensures that the campus is always clean and green.

4. Discipline Manager  - Master Sai Shiva Dhantal; joined as a Toddler in standard three in Abhyasa in the academic year 2001-02 and proven himself to be a disciplined man we are really proud of him.  

5. Gramaseva Manager- Miss Manaswini; has been serving Grama seva management for last 4 years and she has proven herself to take up the responsibility.

6. Mess Manager - Master Nikhil Badam; He ensures and organizes the menu for all meals that enriches our taste buds.

7. Spirituality Manager - Miss Reethu; being an excellent classical singer herself - she stands as a role model. She ensures that the prayers on campus are done with utmost devotion and piety.

8. Sports Manager - Master Niranjan Gawande; an excellent cricketer, basket ball player - won many medals at state level and worthy of being a sports manager.




Captain - Narender Basi; Good in Academics and sports - a man with determination to achieve what he aspires for.


Captain - Shreya; An all rounder - excellent dancer and good in academics. We have just seen her skills in the invocation dance.

Vice Captains:

Boys - Krishna Chaitanya
Girls - Sakshi



Captain - Sai  Kiran; Though joined recently for +2 at Abhyasa he was elected unanimously as a captain for Shiva House.


Captain - Vaishnavi; She is good in extracurricular activities and always cheerful.

Vice Captains:

Boys - Deepesh
Girls - Shalini

Some of glimpses of the event...

Arrival of the Chief Guest Sri N. Muktheswara Rao, Nalgonda District Collector
Invocation Dance by the Students
Arrival of the Chief Guest Sri N. Muktheswara Rao, Nalgonda District Collector
Invocation Dance by the Students...

Cake cutting by the Chief Guest
Cake cutting by the Chief Guest...

School Captains
School Captains...

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