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Inter-school Competitions

In the arena of sports, Abhyasa has become a buzzword in many interschool competitions. Abhyasa was at its best in the Andhra Pradesh regional ICSE & ISC swimming competitions held at MCH swimming pool, as the school heaped 22 gold, 10 silver and 6 bronze medals on the event. In ISC and ICSE Schools Andhra Pradesh Regional Sports Meet, the school bagged 6 gold, 4 silver and 8 bronze medals in different events. In the regional level basket ball tournament the school ISC team secured 2nd position. 13 Abhyasites for swimming and 5 for basket ball represented Andhra Pradesh at National Level held at Allahabad from 2nd to 4th October 2008. The kids came back home with 4 silver and 3 bronze medals from National Swimming competition for ISC.

During Golden Mile Race, conducted by the Hyderabad District Athletic Association at NTR Gardens on 13th July 2008, 30 students participated and 7th and 15th places were secured by Abhyasites. At the Inter-school Volley ball competition conducted by Hyderabad Volley ball Association, Abhyasa in its debut participation not only entered the quarter finals but also won the Best March Past Contingent Award of the Tournament. In the Open Chess Championship conducted by YMCA, Mr. Sivanand Sagar won the championship in the Under-16 category.

The school hosts inter-school events among ICSE and ISC schools of twin cities related to Literature, Math and Sciences to foster symbiotic relationship and cooperative learning with healthy competitive spirit.

At the International Young Mathematicians Convention (IYMC) at Lucknow, where 24 countries participated with 400 contenders, Abhyasites carved their niche with 5 silver and 2 bronze medals and 2 trophies for individual contest, team activities and model presentation.

At the All India Talents Search (AITS).examination Mr. Adithya Vella kept the school's name high by bagging the National Scholarship.

Coming to Asia's largest inter-school fiesta, Abhyasites show-cased their strong presence in Horlicks WIZ KIDZ activities in August, with a 150 strong battalion. Abhyasa won the overall Runners-up trophy, 'The best dressed school award' and 'The Best Placards Award' for three years in a row and 'The Best-Dressed-Teacher Award' too! The school also won the first place for Fusion Dance, Mehendi Designing , Sudoku, Wiz Actor of the year and second place in Dumb Charades, Regional and English Essay writing competition and Wiz Radio Jockey of the year.

Another feather in Abhyasa's cap

(A report by team Abhyasa at IYMC)

The young mathematicians of Abhyasa have again showcased their talent in the heart of Uttar Pradesh. The city of Nawabs, Lucknow. They have achieved:
  • Second place in the junior and senior categories for the mathematics model presentation at the math fair.
  • A silver medal in the team activity event.
  • Two silver medals in the junior level accompanied by a bronze medal for seniors in the individual round.

This four day event, filled with lots of enjoyment and mathematics was also a session to know about the world peace and religious unification. This was made possible through the beautiful talks presented the founder manager of the City Montessori School, Mr. Jagdish Gandhi. We would like to thank our H.O.D. (math), Mr. P.Uday who guided us throughout the event.

Hallucinogenic Highwayiymc

The steps to success explained: The model that bagged the silver medal at IYMC, on display and being explained by Bharavi (left). The junior team (right) which also succeeded in pulling off the second place for their "Hallucinogenic Highway"

The ICSE and ISC Regional Sports Meet

The second semester started on an exciting note where the students of Abhyasa made a record braking tally of thirty five points at the A.P. Regional Athletic Meet by achieving:

Medal tally for athletics

Senior boys (overall championship)

  • Senior boys (gold) 4x100 meters relay
  • Paramanshu (bronze) javelin throw
  • Goutam (bronze) discuss throw
  • Badrinath (gold) javelin throw
  • Suraj (bronze) high jump silver (100 meters)
  • Ashwin (bronze) 200 (silver) 400 meters
  • Diwakar (gold) triple jump
  • Akhilesh Sharma (bronze) 5 km walk
  • Ashok (bronze) 200 meters

Junior boys

  • Sawan Yadav (silver) 5km walk
  • Piyush (silver) long jump.

Where Badrinath, Ashwin, Diwakar, Suraj (of class 12), Sawan and Piyush (of class IX and X respectively) qualified for national athletic meet to be held at Ramadevi Public School, Hyderabad.

Master Piyush E

(Class X)

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