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The First Parent Teacher Interaction 2010

As ‘Will Durant’ rightly said “Education is the transmission of Civilization” – all the parents would like to know their wards’ progress in getting transformed as better civilians. It has been a practice at Abhyasa that a centralized platform is arranged for the parents, teachers, students and the administrators to meet and communicate about the development of the kids and the system. The same has been practiced on 15‐08‐2010, the 63rd independence day of India. The new science block echoed with the national anthem once the Respected Principal hoisted the national flag. After the heartfelt presentations during the Independence Day celebrations, the letter of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam addressing fellow Indians was presented in an excellent manner by Mrs.Veena Venugopal, Vice‐Principal (Administration) which inspired and touched many hearts Team Abhyasa was immediately ready for the first parent teacher interaction of the year 2010. It was engaged for 2 days. On 14.08.2010 it was held between 02.30 to 05.30 p.m and on 15.08.2010 it was held between 11.00 am to 5.00 pm. All the queries of the parents were answered. As it is rightly said, “Learning is the real meaning of Educating”, there were many points to learn for Team Abhyasa, which would enhance the quality of teaching.

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