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Landmarks of Abhyasa

welcome to Wisdom

Knowledge Centre

Landmarks of Abhyasa Landmarks of Abhyasa
The Majestic Entrance and Security Room The Knowledge centre with Sate-of-the-art
Laboratory Facilities

Katya’s Korner
Kingdom for the Kids

A Resting Place for the Restless

Landmarks of Abhyasa Landmarks of Abhyasa
The Academic Block with 18 Smart Classrooms The Boys Hostel with 12 Dormitories Housing
240 Senior Students

Aspiration for the Absolute

One with our True Self

Landmarks of Abhyasa Landmarks of Abhyasa
The Administrative Office The Vishnu Temple on the Campus

The Juvenile Joy

A Healthy Horizon

Landmarks of Abhyasa Landmarks of Abhyasa
Dormitories for the Junior Boys and staff quarters The Infirmary That Nurses Sick Students

Shelter for the Preceptor

The Restless Souls

Landmarks of Abhyasa Landmarks of Abhyasa
Independent Family Quarters for Abhyasa Staff The Sports Complex with Pavilion and Indoor Games

The Aesthetic Experience

A Dip for Dabbing

Landmarks of Abhyasa Landmarks of Abhyasa
The Open Air Amphi-Theatre for Culture and Entertainment 60’ X 35’ Swimming Pool with A depth Ranging of 2 to 7 Feet.

Priyanka’s Play Field
Playing for Pleasure

Grove of Mango Trees

Landmarks of Abhyasa Landmarks of Abhyasa
Cricket Field with 200 Meter Athletic track & Other Courts 15 Acre Fruit Orchid with over a Thousand Trees

Food for Good Feelings

The Complete Diet

Landmarks of Abhyasa Landmarks of Abhyasa
A Complete Kitchen with Steam and Gas Based Cooking A Section of the dinning Hall for a Batch of 300

A Window to the World

Landmarks of Abhyasa
Interaction with the Experienced and Experts –
Air-conditioned Auditorium

The Symbol of Knowledge

Landmarks of Abhyasa
2500 Sft.  Library for 100 Students & Above 5000 Books

Priyanka’s Playpen
Playing for Pleasure

Landmarks of Abhyasa
Multi-Purpose hall for Indoor Games & Programs

Guest is God

The Inclusive Embrace

Landmarks of Abhyasa Landmarks of Abhyasa
2 Bedroom Guest House for Visiting Faculty Free School for children of Economically Weak Families

The Banyan Tree

The Whistling Winds

Landmarks of Abhyasa Landmarks of Abhyasa
The Mechanized Laundry That Caters 450 Students Open-Air Classes under the Tamarind Tree

Clean the Unclean

Marketing without Moneys

Landmarks of Abhyasa Landmarks of Abhyasa
The 100 Year Old Banyan Tree Spread over Half an Acre Tuck-shop with Toiletry, Confectionery & Stationery items

The Green Courtyards

The Serene Campus Surroundings

Landmarks of Abhyasa Landmarks of Abhyasa
The Pathways Amidst Gardens That Connect all the Blocks
The Tropical Meadows Outside the
Northern side of campus

Registered Office


Registered Office SecunderabadThe Registered office of Sri Sathya Sai Sanskruthi Educational Society which runs the Abhyasa International Residential School at Toopran, is conveniently located on the main road connecting the Secunderabad Railway Station and the Secunderabad Apollo Hospital – Opposite to Keyes Girls High school on the St. Johns Road. This locality is mapped as House # 1253, Lane #2, Regimental Bazaar under Greater Hyderabad Municipality (also Google maps) – adjourning the South – Central Railway Headquarters.

This office is popularly known as the City Office among the Abhyasa family members. The City office caters as an information center to the parents-who wish to admit their child/ward at Abhyasa School. This office also acts as a nodal point for the sale of school prospectus and application froms and also for the registration of candidates for admission to the school. Please note that this office does not issue any school certificates or documents to parents, other than disbursement of caution deposit cheques. Outstation parents should note that postage and couriers mailed to the City Office reach the school campus faster than mailing them directly to the campus address. The office is open between 9:30 AM and 5:30 PM on all weekdays and closed on Sundays and Government Holidays. A Cashier cum Accountant and a Purchase officer are available in this office to assist you in booking a cab or guide you with directions to visit school campus.

Outstation Parents

Parents who are first-timers to Abhyasa are advised to visit the school campus at Toopran to gain first-hand information about the school from the Public Relations Officer at the campus office. Toopran does not have any loading facility. The twin cities have a variety of lodging ranging from low budget accommodation to 5 star hotels. The Haritha Guest House is the nearest and the cheapest accommodation situated 4.5 kms from the school campus at Nacharam and is run by the Andhra Pradesh State Tourism Corporation (contact APTDC website for bookings). Medchal Town – 25 kms from the campus is the next closest destination for a air- conditioned lodges. 3 star and 4 star hotels are available within range of 35-45 kms from the school campus.

Outstation Parents

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