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Details about Toopran Village

About Toopran

CurriculumThe serene sylvan of Toopran- a village situated on the outskirts of the Twin-Cities of Andhra Pradesh, i.e Hyderabad and Secunderabad – is located at longitude 17.8447 N and latitude 78.4800 E at an elevation of 536 metres (1761 ft.) above sea level, amidst the meadows of Deccan Plateau in the Southern region of the India sub-continent with a typical tropical climate of 4 seasons.

Toopran is the mandal headquarters in Medak District of Andhra Pradesh State in India. Toopran is the shortened from of “Toorpu Rani”, 9the Eastern Queen) referring to the famous Rani Rudrama Devi of the great Kakathiya Dynasty. Abhyasa has certain rare excavated historical stone – inscriptions and sculptures unearthed during the construction of the school dating back to 11 Century AD. Toopran is now an important and bustling trade centre of the region.

Abhyasa contributes to Toopran life by providing employment to the underprivileged, business outsourcing to local vendors and service providers. When Abhyasa was established in 1996, Toopran was just a small village with a po[ulation of 10,000 inhabitants. After 18 years by the of 2013, Toopran has metamorphasised into a bustling town with almost one lakh inhabitants. The School was then approachable only by an undefined cart-road, but by the end of 2012, Toopran had metallic roads, portable drinking water supplied from the manjeera river and also become an important landmark in the Medak district. Thanks to Abhyasa.

The Green and Peaceful 27-acre campus with vast playfields, and orchards is a perfect support system for the student learner.

Details about Toopran Village Details about Toopran Village

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