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Ice Breaking Ceremony - 2012

Twinkle Twinkle little STAR, How I wonder what you are?
And where are you from?.. Serenity Smile on students Eyes..

Welcome back. New students and old students came back to Abhyasa Campus in Toopran.

Though it’s painful for parents to send their kids back to join another batch of ICSE and ISC after the March exams, the campus is alive with the chirping of children and the clamor of their footsteps. With some of the ICSE students already reporting back to campus and new students joining across various classes, there is excitement and anticipation in the air. Mother Abhyasa has waited patiently for her students throughout the month May and is now elated to have them back in her bosom. The senior students are back from their vacation on June 8th and 9th while the juniors along with the new ones alighted on the campus on June 10th.

After all the parents bid painful adieus to their children, the students were directed to the Priyanka’s Play Pen – where a show was organized for the customary but informal “breaking-the-ice” between the new comers and the current crop of students. It was a warm welcome speech from the Director & Founder Principal Mr. Vinayak Kalletla, who introduced all the staff members to students and initiated the session between the Junior and Senior students. It was games time soon afterwards and all the students had a blast.

It was so gratifying to see the teachers and senior student communities acquainting themselves and warming up to the new comers. Tongue Twisters, Ball Games, songs and dances were performed by the students. Everyone exchanged pleasantries and jokes and the air is vibrant with youthful exuberance and merriment. It was an extremely joyful atmosphere at Abhyasa on this auspicious day. All the credit to Student Activity Management Group which made this event a memorable one!!

All the staff members, from both the academic and administrative wings were introduced on the following day. Mrs.Murthy, Principal-in-Charge addressed the students and urged everyone to be active and engaging in their pursuit of studies and excellence. She also emphasized the importance of self-discipline for all students in order to derive maximum benefits from Abhyasa staff members and curriculum. Mr.C.V.K.Sastry, Vice Principal -Academics addressed the students and released the academic classes schedule.

After the meeting, the academic sessions have begun at Abhyasa for the calendar year 2012– 2013.

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