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Abhyasa Continues To Shine

Sri Satya Sai Nigamagamam, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad, witnessed the most thrilling Horlicks Wiz Kids event on 21st and 22nd of July 2009 where Abhyasa Residential School has proved its metal once again. 82 Schools…4500 students…and Abhyasa won the Best Dressed School, Best Cheering School and the Best Placard makers awards apart from outstanding performances in Creative Play and Folk Dance, emerging as winners. 1st Place in Mehandi Art competition to Bhakti Parthani and 3rd Place to Mitesh Agarwal in the Senior Category and 1st Place to Divya.P in the Junior Category added colour to Abhyasa's achievements. The Folk dance performance representing styles from Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Austria and Brazil not only enthralled the audience but also won the appreciation of the hosts and the judges. In the words of Mr.Sultan Ahmed, the Host of the Horlicks event "it is amazing to see styles from four different countries on one stage."

The other achievements include 3rd place in 30 Seconds to Fame to Anmol Israni, 3rd Place in Laughter Challenge to Jai Kishan and 2nd Place in Face Painting to Akash Deshmukh. Abhyasa also won Consolation prizes in Cloth Art and Junk Funk and Music Melody. Adding flavour to these, Suchitra is one among the top ten finalists for Wiz Team Activity, which tested the competency, confidence and character of a child.

Abhyasa's uniqueness was proved when a boy participated in the Mehandi Art event grabbing the 3rd place among the senior level. The Theme given for Music Melody was 'Dream Bigger' and Abhyasa's Dream of Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu was well received by one and all present over there. Horlicks Wizkids Activity 2009 was well-organized event in collaboration with Horlicks and Krayons.

On the both days of the events, all eyes were on the Abhyasites, who were enthusiastically cheering and dancing for Abhyasa and also for the other schools, exhibiting a Spirit of real friendly competition. It was heartening to watch them motivating and encouraging all the participants of each and every activity. A total of 370 Abhyasites were present in this scintillating event of Horlicks Wiz Kids 2009. The Highlight is that, this is the 3rd Consecutive year for Abhyasa to win first place in the events of Dance, Best Placard Makers and the Best Dressed School. Abhyasa has again demonstrated its creativity, Confidence and integrity by not only winning the above prizes, but also the Hearts of Everybody.

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