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Hemant Utsav – 2008

LISTEN TO YOUR HEART – A brief about the Opera

"The world loves to keep on telling you what is right and what is alright, The world loves to tell you what to do and what not to do, They only see in the past, but talk as though they know it all… .............But listen to your heart!"

'Listen to your heart' is an opera that bridges the hearts of the elders and the children. It makes them heed to the subtle voice that comes from every heart. Its conception, script writing, lyrics and music, direction and ultimate stage performance completely belongs to Abhyasa's self-endeavour. The story of the one and half hour opera was conceived and written by our Principal Mr. Vinayak Kalletla. 'Team Abhyasa' with all its eagerness and participative spirit, recorded, practised and gathered every essential element to make it possible in just one week. The whole school worked with proper harmony and co-ordination to bring the opera into reality!

The opera, takes off from the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai and portrays the agony of an average prototype citizen of India, who is seeking solutions from all the maladies afflicting us! Through a dialogue, Mother Nature incarnate asserts that quality child rearing should not be taken for granted. Down the memory lane, parents especially the mothers always stood as modest, yet inspiring figures to mould their children into extraordinary personalities. Elders want their children to be truthful and obedient when they themselves are not honest to their mind and tongue. The lack of integrity makes them insecure and worldly attached. So the opera holds a mirror before us to see ourselves in the eyes of our children. On one hand the opera makes an enjoyable presentation by mingling the past with the present, hallowed values with hollowness of modern life, disparity due to ‘over-protective life' with sanguinity related to 'nothingness', dance, music, songs of different languages and parallel stories. On the other hand it puts optimum effort to develop a meaningful relationship between parents and children by reviving ancient educational and family values. Trying to elevate its viewers from the level of 'doing' to 'being', the opera tells us to make a voluntary choice to 'be' in thought, word and action as the panacea for all societal maladies and brings to form the supreme role of mother in transforming Human life and Society.

Hope you will enjoy the opera and appreciate the efforts of the children and carry home the message of this year's Hemant Utsav.

Abhyasa, where learning and improvement is an unending process, is launching her State-of-the art website with latest makeover having more comprehensive and colourful features, on 28th December, 2008, with abundant information about the School, Curriculum, Activities, Achievements, Archives etc.

Wishing you A Happy New Year.

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