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Hand Book Release - 2013

Abhyasa International Residential School launches a unique Parents and Students Handbook at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Abhyasa launched the book to familiarize them with the school. A hardbound 130 plus pages consisting of institutions origin, Philosophy, Vision, Values, Curriculum, campus life and many other things which most of the institutions don't publish. Mrs. Jamuna Actress unveiled the book in presence of Mr. Vinaayak Kalletla, Director & Founder Principal of Abhyasa International Residential School and Chairman of the school board Dr. P Prabhakar Rao.

Abhyasa Hand Book Release Coverage Clips

Vinaayak talking about Abhyasa School

Abhyasa School launched by actress Jamuna

Actress Jamuna talking about abhyasa School

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Beyond Prospectus


Hyderabad, May 14…. Prospectus is a disclosure document. But, Abhyasa International Residential School has gone a step ahead and brought out a unique Parents and Students Handbook to familiarize them with the school. A hardbound 130 plus pages, creatively executed, a high quality book not many institutions can boast of talks about its origin, philosophy, vision, values, curriculum, campus life and many other things.

This picturesque book is a delight to go through about it and brings the school life live to the reader. The book is unveiled in a press conference held in city today by its Chairman of the Board Dr. R. Prabhakar Rao, who is a Retired, Director General of Police.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. R. Prabhakar Rao said Abhyasa International Residential School has just completed 18 Years in her Mission of preparing the Children for Life with her Vision of " Imbuing Confidence, Creativity and Character for a Competent India ".

The unique feature of Abhyasa school Curriculum is the " Social Responsibility " that the school imbues among her students... This is what sets the school apart from the commercial milieu ! The school has adopted the Harijanwada of Toopran in the nearby vicinity and Abhyasa students regularly interact with the socially and economically disadvantaged sections of the society to mould them, guide them, teach the children, adults, conduct medical camps and also runs a free school for the most deserving students of the village ! Abhyasa will also be initiating a 24+7 medical diagnostic clinic on her Campus, for the villagers of Toopran, by this year- end, in collaboration with the US based NetdotOrange Software company that would actually provide a free online diagnostic services to the poor and the rich alike - to monitor their health status on a regular basis, without visiting doctors or any corporate hospitals.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Vinayak Kalletla, Founder Principal of the school said most schools run campaigns on the publicity of their board exam results - showcasing the 96 percent result of their students. But little do most of us stop to think : “ If a child has to score 96 percent in an examination, that covers hardly 0.5 percent of the complete knowledge available in this Universe - then how much that child would have actually neglected others learning processes in life and concentrated 100 percent on that 0.5 percent knowledge only to secure 96 percent in board exams and at the end of it all this 96 percent certificate is only a passport to Good Universities and colleges and not a real certification of the Life Skills gained by the child to prepare himself or herself for life...”

Abhyasa does not position herself as a school based on her board exam results... But as a school that builds the Character and Values of the student, along with the all important Leadership and Life skills necessary to be manage Life and also manage the successes in life !

But that does not mean that her children are not geared for competition.... The Achievements of Abhyasa in the last 17 years in the fields of academics, sports, cultural activities are all there to speak volumes about the all- round moulding of students through a Residential Gurukul form of schooling.... It is normally easy for a school with more than a thousand student strength to achieve feats in various fields.... As it is most of the time observed that children who excel in academics do not have time to excel in sports or culture... And students who specialise in sports usually do not do well in academics.... But, at Abhyasa, with a very moderate strength of just 450 students, the school leads the charts in all the major sports, cultural and literary events of Hyderabad.... And every Abhyasite excels in all the activities of the school curriculum... The records of the last 17 years are there to share in the school Handbook ! Thanks to the personal attention and the advantageous teacher : Student ratio of 1:09...

A bird is good at flying, a fish is good at swimming and a monkey is good at climbing trees... Without any schooling at all... But what differentiates a human being from these animals is that a Man and a Woman can climb like a monkey, swim like a fish, fly like a bird... Provided he / she is trained in all the life skills... Abhyasa is doing just that ! .... Inspired by the ideals of Sri Sathya Sai Baba who has done yeoman service to Mankind, Abhyasa is imbuing human values and social responsibility among her students - for - after all - even for those who feel that education is for employability - No organisation can just hire Hands and Heads to work for them ! They get a complete human being along with his / her emotions, character, attitudes that influence their work.

Please Note: Abhyasa - a school of 18 years standing that admits only 450 students at any given time, with a record performance and rated as the best ICSE school by a leading Mumbai Publication, is conducting this press conference, not for any publicity ( our seats are already full ) but this effort is to share our experience and expertise with the larger Society - those who are also willing to participate in the noble task of Human Transformation - rather than mere student strength maximisation or campus expansion...

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